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Return to Crafting Basics

I'm spending my free time going through all my crafting supplies recently. While doing so, I found an instruction booklet and kit for bookmaking, some kits for jewelry making and several knitting patterns that I'd set aside for some reason several years ago. In looking at my supplies, however, it struck me that really before I took up any of these activities, I needed to brush up on some basic techniques. ...more

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I hear you both on getting back to projects that you have ...more

How To Create Today's Embellished Tops

I look at the embellished t-shirts and cardigans at Anthropologie, J. Crew, and even Old Navy -- since last year, these retailers have featured thin, flimsy items with embellishments for $40-$70. I wonder who would buy these items, since looking at them shows that the work involved is quite simple. I'm obviously not the only person thinking these embellishments are easy to do. ...more

Thank you for taking the time to share. You make it sound so easy that I am sure that even ...more

Middle-Aged Women Need to Exercise An Hour a Day? Seriously?

I'm not sure how this report is going to play in the major media, but I can guess. "Middle Aged Women Must Exercise An Hour A Day Or Gain Weight." Something like that for sure. I hate it. ...more

An hour a day? That only leaves 23 hours for chip-eating, and that just seems totally ...more

Dig In for Cool Spring Gardens

We just celebrated the spring equinox -- an astronomic if not an actual sign that the season has arrived. While snow still holds on many northern locations, it truly isn't too early to begin to plant your early spring gardens. Many plants do well in the wet and cold of spring, yet wither away completely in the warmth and bright sun of summer. ...more

The Economy and Community of Free

Is there a value to giving away some of your knowledge for free? That has been an active discussion on the Make And Meaning blog since late December, when Paul Overton -- who blogs as DudeCraft -- wrote Free -- A Case Study. Are there benefits for creatives in giving away a pattern, a technique, a design, or a concept? A benefit that in the long run will be far more beneficial to the community and the individual than holding these ideas back until an opportunity arises to make money from then? ...more



I think the Free of marketing is different.  While it's more ...more

There's an App for That Crafty Thing You Do

I live with my iTouch near me all day. It's my alarm clock in the morning, my constant reminder of what to do during the day, my note pad, my food and exercise tracker. I SO wish more places I went had wifi, so it could help me be even more productive. I do not own a "smart phone" yet, though as soon as I have the time to stop my cellphone store, I'm picking up a Android phone. Will it replace my iTouch or will both live in my pocket all day? ...more

The Mystery of the Swedish Olympic Team Hats: Crochet in the Social Media Age

The buzz started even before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics ended. Who crocheted the hats some members of the Swedish team wore as they entered the event? ...more

For those of you who are unable to get the right colors of yarn or a pattern you like for the ...more

February Is National Embroidery Month

Along with hearts, groundhogs and dead presidents, February is a month to celebrate embroidery. Here are some pointers to tempt you into picking up needle and thread and making your mark on fabric. ...more

when I was a kid, my aunt taught me how to do embroidery. I used to enjoy doing it but now, ...more

Heart-Shaped Crafts for Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day is this coming weekend, there is still time to for some romantic heart-shaping crafting.Whether you choose to create with yarn, fabric, or paper, here are some fast ways to get your heart on. ...more

is there a link to Flower Patch Farmgirl's book wreath project? my life won't be complete ...more

It's Winter: Plan Right Now for a Successful Summer Garden

I stand at my window on a cool, damp January day, beginning the important first step of gardening: planning. At the moment, the garden beds harbor perennial plants storing up moisture and energy for the next year's growth. The lawn is bright green with a weedy annual grass that will die with the first hint of temperatures over 80 degrees. Weeds are dominating both the lawn and garden beds. ...more
@cathych Hi there cathych! I love home gardening as well. I put up post this morning that has ...more