Back to the Chaos

I have been away for awhile. Sometimes you have to take a step back, assess some things, come up with new plans and even start in a new direction. That is what is so interesting about life; you just never know what will be thrown your way.The beauty of it is that you have the choice in how you react and how you are able to change that into something positive, in every way. I have contemplated on building. Building what, you ask? Well, that is a good question and one that I have pondered on myself....more

Her Husband, My Man

Now before you all go on thinking that I am a home wrecker, let me let you all know that it is not that type of party.  I don’t like the idea of being the other woman or anything associated with that, but sometimes you end up in situations because some one was not truthful.  Well, that is sort of the case, but not the case....more

In His Timing

Just the other day, Friday to be exact, my sister and I were having a conversation about work and life.  We are both moms and both work from home; she has steady work because she codes for a company, while I have to continually seek out projects because I do an array of other things and am basically solo.  Anywho, she was speaking on the fact that she felt that GOD was laying something on her heart, that it was something more to what she should be doing.  She has been constantly pressing forward, but she said that she felt paralyzed on the inside....more

New Beginnings

 I recently talked with a young lady at a friend’s birthday party.  I had met her before, years ago, and it was like I had already known her, since we shared a mutual friend and she has spoken so highly of her.  It was not mistaking who she was.  Fast forwarding to recently, we sat down and we had a woman to woman talk; it was four of us.  It was good to have a conversation and see the different sides as we had a little diversity going on, LOL!...more

Getting Back in the Saddle

Okay, is seems like lately I have been taking more sabbaticals than anticipated.  Most of it is because is from things out of my control, but I have tried to stay focused on the tasks at hand.  I have a love of writing and when I am unable to, it gets to be paralyzing.  Well, I have had a lot going on since my last post.  I wrote about the possible violation, while I had been doing my evening walks....more
You mention so non-chalantly that your Ex is jogging with you to keep you safe. That speaks ...more

Fitness Challenge #mamavation

Okay, so I have been on this fitness challenge on and off for months.  I will start, but end up stopping, it seems to always be something.  First it was the finicky weather....more

Revisiting Part 2: Thinking Back

So I wrote a piece on “Where did it start?”.  As I sit back and reread the things that I wrote, I started to feel.  What? you say,  Something, more than nothing.  You see, I went through a phase of being numb and just letting things happen and not being actively involved.  Physically, I have been here, but mentally I was on vacation somewhere…nowhere…anywhere, but here.  I was going through the motions, just existing, almost like I had checked out....more

Revisiting: Part 1 "Where did it start?"

Okay, so I have this wayward way of doing things lately. The funny thing is that I use to not be like this; things seemed to not be as chaotic, a little, but not to the extent that it has gotten. The way things have been going lately, one could assume that I am almost at wits end (they may not be too far from the truth). It seems like with certain turn of events, that I have actually been losing myself…I know that I am still here physically(no calling a shrink). You know that kind of feeling, like, I use to have things sorted out, been able to turn on a dime…Where the heck is my MOJO???...more

Married without Children

I read a post that was talking about being married and childfree and I found it very interesting of the things that were said to this couple whom chose to be without children.  It is quite funny to know how some people feel that it is their place to make decisions in other people lives.  I just laugh at the thought....more