If We Had Hope Early On

Mindfulness in autism.  I’ve been thinking about this so much lately.  Some of  you may recall the experience that I had several weeks ago where I was verbally attacked over the intention of this new site....more

A False Start… And Then Clarity

Yesterday, something very interesting happened....more

Welcome To Project: Dear Autism Mama... Letters of Compassion, Hope and Joy

Welcome to Project: Dear Autism Mama… Letters of Compassion, Hope, and Joy, a collaborative project by mamas all over the world, writing letters to fellow autism moms to help them through this journey. Join me in Project: Dear Autism Mama & give hope to a new Autism Mama. ...more

Where I Am

Where have I been, you ask?  Continuing my journey, I suppose.  The quiet, hybernative phase of my journey- just one of many....more
I enjoyed reading your writing.  Even though you are dealing with pain and difficulties your ...more

Chapter 6: The Windup Girl

4:30 in the morning and I’ve yet to fall asleep.  The digital clock next to my bed, with its glowing red numbers, mocks me as a I will my brain to shut down and, for the love of god, just let me fucking sleep!  I’ve tried everything, but the pills and the meditation tapes and the classical music… none of it’s working.  My brain just will not stop running....more
@4kidsmom Thank you.  I wrote this as part of a memoir that I've been working on.  This actually ...more

Chapter 4: Home

Dragging her feet as she moved down the hill, the clockmaker’s daughter slowly worked her way home after a long day at school, her feet leaden, each step taking more effort than the last.  The sun shone bright above her head, not a cloud in the sky, she focused her gaze on the ground as she shifted the weight of her heavy backpack from one shoulder to the other.  Her back ached from the sheer volume of books that she carried on her 5 mile trek each day, to and from school....more

Chapter 3: The Beginning

It started with one gigantic clock, purchased at the local mall and hung on the wall of his newly rented bachelor pad.  For the second time that decade, The Clockmaker was a single man, free to make his own choices, even if they were ill-advised, such as the enormous 4-foot diameter circular clock (trimmed in brass and oak, none-the-less).  He purchased other things for his new home, as well- a dented (thus discounted) refrigerator, a beige couch with a foldout bed for when his children stayed over, a water bed with a mirrored headboard....more