Drum Roll Beginning

The drum roll is beginning inside my head.  It's a long drum roll though - possibly lasting into tomorrow!  No, I'll get it figured out right here and now....Goals.  Blech.  I got through my crazy bad mood of yesterday.  Sometime around dinner, I felt it lifting off my head.  Today has been far better, but I still feel heavy headed and tired so, while I'm getting things done and feeling more pleasant and hopeful, I'm not brimming with energy.Tomorrow I shall get back on track.  And the goals are:...more

A Really Bad Mood

I know moods pass and I know this one will too, but it sure isn't fun while it's here. Perhaps it is post-trip let down now that I'm back to the same old same 'ol.  Perhaps I have some stuffy head allergies.  Perhaps I ate too much chocolate the other day and haven't been exercising.  Perhaps it is just my hormones.  Regardless, I'm crazy tired and feel like crying at times and noticing some negative thoughts....more

My Jeans Still Fit!

My jeans fit!  I'd assumed I'd gain ten pounds or so over the three weeks we were traveling, but I didn't.  I don't know if I gained any weight at all!  I'm a bit floppier from not doing sit ups or exercising, but I'm okay with that....more
That's a win!more

Nothing New, but Nothing Bad

I pulled off a 30 minute walk last night.  This morning I did a slow 1.6 mile walk with my kid.  I have plans of doing a Tai Bo video this afternoon, but we'll see what happens.Eating-wise, I'm doing fine.  All good healthy foods and decent portions I think, though maybe not small enough to show any nice plummets in weight.  My pants are looser, but they're due for a wash so it doesn't really mean that much.  ...more
Yep!  I get that and will not say much more as I work for another hour and then walk.  Routine ...more

The Power of Pecans

I made some paleo banana bread muffins today for my kids's lunch for the week.  They're easy and tasty and chock full of pecans and raisins.   I don't ever binge on the paleo baked goods.  I like them and enjoy them, but don't have a need to eat more and more.  They're good to have around the house.Pecans are a whole different story....more
FatCat elaineR.N.Geez.  I meant to say AND to dinner, because I am hungry.  Hope you are able to ...more

Just Back Away

I did okay yesterday, until.......more
elaineR.N.  Three pounds is awesome!  I've lost weight too, but I'm not sure how many.  The ...more

Working on the Work

Doing good.  Doing good.  Ish.  Still not counting my calories.  I know I said I was going to yesterday, but I never did.  It's just so much nicer NOT counting calories.  That was the thing I learned last year....more
elaineR.N.  It's such a nice feeling to put on a shirt and have it fit comfortably.  Already I ...more

Plugging Along and Singing My Song

Crock pot chicken last night with mashed cauliflower and kimchi.  Buffalo chicken egg muffins for lunch today along with a Kombucha and spinach salad.  Dinner will be bison, spinach, and sweet potatoes that the kids chose.  A friend asked me to lunch and I declined.  I went to the store and saw the donuts and passed them by.  I don't usually buy the donuts, but they were nonetheless calling my name.Two nights ago I dreamed of eating lots of cupcakes.   It's good dreams are not our real life.  I don't even really care for cupcakes....more
Your day sounds yummy, healthy and happy. Nice! Exercised vigorously for an hour and ate ...more

A Day at a Time

I got through yesterday without going off track and felt GLAD to go to bed where the constant underlying questing for tasty foods would be off limits.  It's hard trying to lose weight.   In theory it's really easy: easy less, exercise more.  But in reality, it's hard - especially with a body that rather likes to hold on to weight.  I have short squat relatives.   I'm short.  I'd rather not be as squat as I could be....more
elaineR.N.  Laughing - doesn't it seem like it's been FOREVER!   Way to go on the 10,000 steps ...more

Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking is indeed going on in my head.  "If I just have a bit of chocolate, it won't make a difference."  "If I start eating well tomorrow instead of today, then I can just really focus and not eat anything for two weeks and be ten pounds thinnner."Yeah, right....more
FatCat elaineR.N.Good for you, but it doesn't stop does it.  Only thing that changes is my will ...more