My Sunday Morning - Not What it Used to Be

Here I sit, on my couch with coffee and a Sunday paper on my lap on a March Sunday morning at about a quarter to 9. Just that simple description still boggles my mind a bit, I must admit. I have been a life-long church goer. It is what. you. do....more

What Does Faith Look Like?

The word 'faith' is such an interesting word. When I am looking for writing jobs, I type that word into the search box to describe the subject I want to write about. I also type in 'religion, spirituality and church'. For me personally, each of these words carry an entirely different and distinct meaning. But for general search engines and job categories they are interchangeable. ...more

Number 1 Rule When Blogging about Your Kids

Everyone is doing it, right? But keep this in mind every time you get ready to hit "Submit" ........READ MORE HERE.Susie Klein...more

Do You Care What your DIL Thinks of Your Housecleaning?

And then there is the other side of getting ready for your adult kids to come for an extended visit.....I realize that beginning a blog post with the word "and" as if you were in the middle of an ongoing conversation is very odd. But apparently my post yesterday was actually Part One of a Two Part Series on having your grown-up children come for a stay. Who knew?...more

New Writing Gig - About Pets!!

I have some very fun writing news to share with you today! Got to admit, I'm kind of proud of myself on this one. As you already know, I found a new (low-paying) writing job providing a pet supply company with blog posts for their website. So far they wanted, and I wrote, informational-educational style posts for them. Such as"Do Dogs Only see in Black and White?...more

The Mothering Job - Yes, the Mom Holiday is Over but Shouldn't Everyday be our Day?

...When rooms are trashed and eyes are rolled, love is there. MORE...more

My Floors Are Gritty, So What?

I never in a million years thought I would feel this way........READ MORE....more

What is Your Happiness Trigger?

Articles and TV shows now include "Trigger Warnings" because they may trigger addictions or depression that the consumer is struggling with. Maybe we should create some "Happiness Triggers" for ourselves and others. READ MORE.....more

Friends Don't Let Friends Volunteer...

As I read Facebook and blogs, I see an almost competitive pride in being super-busy. We list the items we have to get accomplished by the end of the day and compare our stress levels with one another. "To Do" lists and clever planners can be as pretty and decorative as you want, but if your day is jam-packed with activity, it may be time to re-evaluate. READ MORE.......more

3 Practical Ministry Tips

Once upon a time..........actually, 135 weeks and 2 days ago I thought I heard God tell me to write a book for pastor's wives. Sitting in my backyard, I quickly jotted down notes and a simple outline of advice for ministry wives. I was so thoroughly convinced, that I then went about announcing my grand plan to everyone. ...more