The Waiting: For Parents of College Applicants, Who Not to Talk to Until April 1st

Once college applications are completed, high school seniors enter a lull period, an interminable limbo, worsened by the pressure to keep their grades up.If you’re the parent of a senior, you can feel productive during this stage by selling your embarrassing large library of SAT prep books on e-Bay and ordering Twin XLsheets on sale.And, to maintain your sanity, here is a list of people NOT to talk to until after April 1st:...more

Recharged: When 13 People - with 32 Devices - Go on Vacation Together

We have just returned from paradise - land of magical tide pools, golden sunsets, surreal pelicans and blended cocktails. A chance for three families, bonded since the kids sang 'Wheels On the Bus' together in minivans, to de-stress in a decadent beachfront dream villa....more
Thanks, Denise. Whether we like it or not, I think our vacation typified the new downtime. ...more

How to Secure Overpriced, Inconvenient Holiday Flights for Your Kids

Even if you're not a helicopter or snowplow parent, chances are you cannot resist being a Booking Engine Parent, especially because if left to their own devices, your kids might book themselves through Ibiza for a cross-country flight. Here are some helpful tips for completely screwing up your kids' holiday reservations:...more

Binge Watching: The New Addiction of Empty Nesters

Q: I find that I suddenly have some time on my hands. What are some good films that have come out in the last 19 years that I might have missed while I was parenting?...more

A College Timeline for Neurotic Parents to Guarantee Acceptance

April is prime time for college neurosis. Seniors try to get off wait-lists while juniors are preparing to receive scores for the ACTs they bombed. But if your child is under ten, or better yet, still in utero, you can alleviate a lot of stress by adhering to this handy timeline: ONE MONTH BEFORE BIRTH -- Travel to Dhaka, so your baby will qualify for Bangladeshi citizenship....more
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Calculator shopping, the night before the SAT

I'm the guest poster on the college blog of the Washington Post today....more

Neurotic Parent Pre-Order Day

Today, February 7th is Amazon Pre-order day for my book about the insanity of the college admissions process - The Amazon computers will notice and create a buzz if they receive lots of pre-orders at once. ...more