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The FDA Has A GRAS Problem

Eating and drinking is about as basic to our survival as it gets.While we might debate whether various manufactured foods are the healthiest choices we can make in a day, we assume the FDA has approved their ingredients before we eat them.  We assume all the ingredients meet a standard of  “reasonable certainty” that no harm will come to us from consuming them.  We assume all the ingredients are known.We are assuming wrong....more

#GoldieBlox Message Fail

GoldieBlox released a video ad introducing their new action figure for girls (video below). I was thrilled to read in the press release of their intention to "show girls more options and lead them to a world full of possibilities." As a feminist, I absolutely get where GoldieBlox is coming from.  Creating toys to encourage and promote girls in a pursuit of STEM interests is noble indeed....more

Have You Listened To THE MRS -- ENOUGH?

It’s well proven that if you repeat something often enough people will accept that “something” as a truth, even if it is actually a lie.Every day, all day, and from every corner imaginable, we are bombarded by media and a society that not only questions our worthiness, but demands that we constantly take measure of ourselves and our lives and question our worthiness too.Young, old, male, female, rich, poor, we are all expected to continually evaluate how close we are to being who we “need” to be –Are we doing enough?Are we achieving enough?...more

Developing An Elevator Pitch Via Zombies, Girl Scouts And A Ping-Pong Ball

Sometimes, inspiration takes on a life of its own....more
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Playing A Hand In The Elimination Of Spina Bifida “F”

We tend to think of a disease or a disorder like spina bifida as a medical problem requiring the competent, caring hands of doctors, nurses and the like.  So, naturally, we leave the prevention and cure in the safe hands of medical researchers, scientists, government agencies and even businesses.  But all these hands — from those affected, to those who care, treat and work towards a cure — belong to people who need a supporting hand from all of us to make the biggest impact....more Hello Sunny B!  Sorry I missed your comment, I was out of town.  Yes.  A ...more

"Things A Little Bird told Me" About Biz Stone And Twitter

Until I read THINGS A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME, I knew nothing about the back story of Twitter or the people who created it — not even their names.  (Sorry Biz.)  I just used the service like millions of others worldwide never giving much thought to the whys and hows behind it.While I have cobbled together 140 characters to entertain (and be entertained), meet interesting people, stay in touch with friends, and follow news worthy events, I am far from Twitter obsessed and I can’t say that Twitter has changed my life....more  It was very fast and interesting read.  Like I said I knew nothing of Biz ...more

The Power In "One Voice" Against Bullying

There is amazing power in the anti-bullying song “One Voice.”You hear it in the words written by 15 year-old New Zealand singer/song writer Nakita Turner as she tells the story of those who have been bullied.  Real stories of her own experiences and those she learned from interviewing 180 other youths.  You feel it in her incredible voice as she expresses the real pain that bullying brings, and the sense of isolation and shame....more
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Stepping Into The MOOC World

It started like any other sunday morning.  I was sitting at the breakfast bar, with my laptop and coffee in front of me, leisurely reading articles and following links over hills and down dales, roaming the web super highway....more  Yes.  Amazing the variety of class that are FREE!  All it took to sign up ...more

Goodbye Cigarettes: Should CVS Dump Junk Food and Alcohol Too?

When CVS announced its plan to stop selling all tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October 1, 2014 and walk away from 2 billion in tobacco related business, the media immediately began to speculate whether other major drug store chains would follow suit. The more interesting question to me is whether tobacco is the only product line that will be removed from "drug store" shelves. ...more
Elaine Griffin  I think you are right, they will probably divide the space so clinic separate in ...more

"Thank My Lucky Scars" -- Getting Rid of A Little Lessness

Ever heard of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita?...more