Sex in a Box

The videos aren't posting as they should - here is the link: ...more

Going to Orlando and want more than Disney? Wild Bills Airboat Tours is Great!

I needed a good family adventure while I was in Orlando. Disney was great (expensive but good). I heard about Wild Bills Airboat Tours and was nervous it wouldn't be worth the drive. It was. And more. I made a video cause I liked it so much. (still having trouble getting the videos to appear....ugh...) ...more

The Pumpkin Scare

If you've ever "caught" a store trying to deceive you....this is the video you have to see.   ...more

I Finally Separated from My Husband

I never pass on other blogs in my blog so boldly.  But today I have to.  I read my pal Malibu Mom only when I got it in my InBox saying "I finally separated from my husband." It was THAT good that I had to share.The end may surprise you.

4th of July Discount on Clothes!

I'm a great shopper.  I'm even better at finding a sale on clothing I like.  This was my best  find yet.  Or so I thought....If it doesn't show up below....  ...more

The Somerset is a Great Family Resort in Turks and Caicos

I'm into summer aprox 36.4 hours and my kids are already driving me crazy.Thankfully I had a fun spring break vacation to Turks and Caicos and stayed at the Somerset Resort.  It was the perfect vacation, involving family, fun, and sun.  I spent several days doing nothing but staring at THE most beautiful beach I've ever seen in my life. (and loving every second of it.)  I wish I could go back.  Today.  Right now. 5 seconds ago.  ...more

The Babysitter Ick

Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.  That’s usually for teen jobs, entry level gigs or for jobs that don’t require to much brain-power.  And that $7.25 is BEFORE taxes.  Take home is usually $6 to $6.50 an hour....more

For The Love of KINGS...

This was what I wrote to my kids teachers and school today via email:Dear Teachers:Please accept my dearest apologizes for what my husband, Brad, (AKA, the beyond insane sports fan) is doing.He’s convinced of several things:1)      The LA Kings will win tonight.2)      Our lives will be less-than if we do not attend.3)      We will somehow be able to pay our mortgage after scalping tickets to this game....more
Go Kings! Best of Luck tonight! I would love to be at that game :) Next year it will be the ...more

Cheap Sunglasses are NEVER lost!

The doctor’s office called. I left my sunglasses at their office.The bargain pair of sunglasses I bought in Venice at some cheap stand for $5....FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!!  I still have them!Cause the expensive ones...?  The ones costing $200+, I lose within hours of purchasing. One pair I bought, went to dinner and left them at the restaurant table. The restaurant knows nothing.  Another time I went straight to a private house party and never saw them again....more

I hate Baseball

 Baseball and Boring are synonymousHere in my city when you have a kid in baseball, you have to parent volunteer in the snack stand. That means, two 2.5 hour shifts. A total of 5 hours per kid registered for baseball.That wouldn't be a big deal (parents volunteering) to help keep costs down, but costs aren't down.  Last time I checked, paying to put my kid in baseball was same cost as sports that don't have snack stand duty!...more
LOL! I like your thinking! I would probably do the same thing ;)more