Our four days tour beyond Athens ...

We started off our trip by embarking on a flight from our hometown to Madrid. One might ask, why on earth do you need to go thru Madrid to reach Athens? Well .. now that you have asked me! Let me explain further. We were supposed to spend our vacation in Spain then off to Italy. However, as I did more research, I found out that during the month of July and August, Madrid can be hot like in the hundredth degrees. Boy! We changed our plan as quick as wink! That means .. I needed a way to reach Athens from Madrid....more
OH, my, Athens and Madrid, it doesn't get any better than that.   :)more

Until Next Life …

“Remember to lock your door before going to bed!”“Will do, dad!”“Be careful and take care of yourself. You know what I mean, right?” “Yes, dad”That was his attempt to warn me about the intruders/strangers and perhaps boys :-) I nodded rapidly so that he would stop talking about it. I guessed being fourteen and sort, that kind of conversation just seemed too cumbersome especially coming from my dad.
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Good Grade Pill …

Call it anything you want—be Good Grade Pill or most commonly known as Study Drugs among kids. Yes. we are no longer talking about illegal drugs, we are talking about stimulant drugs that can help the A.D.H.D kids to concentrate. But, who do you think are taking these drugs nowadays? –Now you are seeing the picture that I am painting. Yes. They are those students who want to do better at school –in fact they are those who are A or B students. Let’s take a step back, why are they here today? What made these kids taking prescription drugs?...more
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Summer ...

My mind is always wondering where to go and it is hard for me to be confined and write based on writing prompt. But I did it once on Sandra’s post and I supposed it wasn’t so bad at all … in fact, it let me explore and now I am responding to Jenn’s post –Summer. Closing my eyes with my arms wide open—this is how  I would  embrace ......more
 @HomeRearedChef Come and stay with me up there :-)more

Sealed with a kiss …

Sitting here on the bed,  I looked at him from the back, his back always gives me the feeling of comfort—shields me from all the trouble. He was too busy to notice me --trying to get the fire started for the fireplace in our room –at Sonoma Coast Villa and Spa. The heat from the fireplace started to warm up as if trying to catch up with my heart –He and the fire place both have given me the warm and fuzzy feeling.  That was the last night we were at the villa....more
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Journey to Athens …

There is one thing that comes to mind when remembering Greece. Hot! Hot! Hot!...more
 @elaineR.N. Of course, Elaine! How could I forget about you ... you are my traveling buddy ...more

Old shoes …

The comfortable feeling of wearing old shoes is definitely indescribable—just because. I remember one time, I had a pair of old shoes that I loved so much and they are soles-less on the heels. I still found myself wearing them until someone had noticed the clucking sounds and said, “Why your shoes sounded so different? They have the echo sound.” –Well, what do you expect from heels without their soles :-) Some of us don’t have the hearts to throw them away even they are no longer serving their purpose....more
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I believe that if we meet once, we are fated to meet again …

[Disclaimer: Sandra has a blog hop for writers’ workshop that I am participating in ( and the following is the first fiction that I have ever written in my life. If, for any reason, the characters/settings/… are similar to the any fiction out there, it is definitely  pure coincidence. So, sit back and enjoy!]...more
 @JourneyofLife It was my pleasure, Angela!   :)more

Device Under Our Skin

Do you remember Bionics Women TV series around 2007? It was a story about a woman who is saved from death after receiving experimental a medical implant. Well, it is no longer a fiction. In fact, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Bionic Brains and Beyond by Daniel H. Wilson, a recently 8 year has won The National Spelling Bee, only half way she was discovered to have received a new experimental neural implant to prevent her from her seizures and helped her focus....more
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Welcome to the Rome’s Ancient Catacombs!

Last Friday, I took you on a journey to visit the Capuchin Crypt and today, I am taking you all on a journey to visit the catacombs. So, what is a catacomb? Catacomb is an underground burial chamber for Christians and Jews communities in Rome.  Have you watched the Indiana and the Last Crusade?...more
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