Callie Morgan

5 Helpful Tips for the Home-school Mom

Mom Jeans: A friendly Response

Dearest Rachel,  a.k.a. the mom-jean expert,Ima keep it real with you. Your expositional post on mom-jean manufacturers took me through the full range of emotions.I laughed. I cried. I sweat with conviction. And a small part of my soul died when I raced to the mirror to come face to face with the cold hard reality- I was in fact, wearing mom jeans. For the love of cheese, I'm only 25!...more

A List for a Bad Day: 10 Things I Love About Being a Mom

It's so easy to be fussy. It is so easy to think about all the reasons why I'd be completely justified to just sit down, right now, in the middle of the floor -- and cry. But I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to do that, because I have too much to be thankful for... and so do you....more
Thanks. My favorite from your list: the sound of thumbsucking. :)more

I Hope They'll See Me Get it Right When I Get it Wrong

Some days I wonder, when my children grow up and reflect on their early childhood, what will they recall? What impressions have I made? What childhood memories have already anchored themselves within my little people's tiny, growing hippocampuses? Do I still have time before the bad ones start counting? Do I still have time to put in some good ones?...more
When I was a newly wed bride fumbling through the process of learning to be a (good) wife, my ...more

A Very Terrible Mistake

 I was laying in bed last night, and I thought about this story that I absolutely have to tell you-Okay, so there's this girl...Let's call her, Jill....more

Black People, White People, God's People

 I grew up in the flatlands of the Mississippi Delta.It's a beautiful place, where the culture is as rich as the soil.But this fertile soil isn't only good for raising up artists, and musicians, and poets, and sweet southern also raises up a special crop of people.-People who hate other people, simply because they weren't born with the right shade of southern tan....more

Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe

So today I am going to share with you my beloved Chocolate Chip Scone Recipe.Don't be intimidated (as I was), when you hear the word isn't nearly as hard as you think.In fact, it isn't hard at all! I could whip up these puppies with my eyes closed. srsly.Here, I'll show you-...more

The Heart-Song Marriage Challenge

 Whether you are working on your first year of marriage, or your 5oth, true love- contrary to popular belief, does not come easy…at least for most of us.But even though that is the case, there is no joy on earth that compares to that of a heart overflowing with love....more


 I'm not sure if you know this about me or not, but I was adopted.My parents picked me up when I was 4 days old in Memphis, Tn.I'm telling you this now, only because my mom and I had a conversation about it the other day....more
Laura- Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I do completely understand what you are ...more

The Magic of Marriage

Love is magical.And the world knows it.Poets, philosophers, writers, cinematographers, and everyday people, are all in the business of capturing it.But love… really only finds itself complete in marriage.The world doesn’t really affirm that though, does it?  And certainly, we are not in passionate pursuit of it.And that is a tragedy....more