Is Apple Becoming The New "Christianity"?

"I get what they believe, and I understand it's their right to feel as they do, but I really hate being around them. Everything turns into an argument about why they're right, and I'm wrong, and I just haven't 'seen the light', and it gets really old. And it has nothing to do with their belief system in and of itself. I get it. I do. But, it's not for me. Why can't that be enough? Why do they have to be so aggressive and condescending?"...more

On Secondary Infertility and Finding Enough

And then when I was 20, my OBGYN informed me I had a tilted cervix. I sat buck naked from the waist down trying to figure out if I was supposed to be excited or scared. I asked him what that meant and he simply replied, "Oh, it's not bad. You may face a few difficulties getting pregnant down the road, seeing as you also have irregular periods, but it's nothing to worry about now."...more
I really enjoyed your post, especially the focus on the positive which a lot of people struggle ...more

My Open Letter To Microsoft: Please Don't Break This Fangirl's Heart

When the Windows Phone 7 was announced I couldn't contain my joy. It brought back the wave of emotions I first experienced when we unwrapped our Windows 95, over two decades ago. I lurked the internet for hours, scanning blogs and tech sites for details on the soon coming WP7. I was met with naysayers, MacHeads, and Android fanatics, assuring me that it would be a waste of money and surely nothing Microsoft does is worth anything at all....more

Yes, I Am STILL Mom Enough.

Today I stumbled into a discussion about motherhood, started by a single mom friend of mine, on why she loves being a single mom and how she wouldn't have it any other way. She asked why she would ever rely upon a man who lies, won't keep his word, and so on, when all she needs is herself and God. She followed up with the sentiment that she's strong enough not to need a man in her's and her son's life....more
@Ashley Austrew  I think so too. Maybe the best way to ease the tensions surrounding Mommy War ...more

What If Your Mom Followed You?

I remember when my Mom decided it was time for her to join the world of social networking (outside of Facebook. Facebook doesn't count) and open up her own blog and Twitter account. I smiled in that petrified way you do when you really want to scream but you realize it wouldn't change anything. My eyes glossed over and I stopped breathing. Because I knew what was coming."Okay, what's your Twitter name?! I want to follow you!!"....Oh. Crap........more
@Denise LOL I've gotta work on the chill Mom thing. I'm so high strung it should be a crime! LOLOL!!more

Cathead Biscuits And Family

I don't recall thinking biscuits came in any other form than large, crumbly, fluffy, and surprisingly flavorful. For as long as I can remember THESE were biscuits. In my family you might buy your BBQ from a local rib place, or pick up some KFC on lazy days, but biscuits were never canned and they were never purchased. Biscuits were MADE. And they were made our way - the Delta way....more

What My Southern Accent Means To Me

When I do videos, or I speak to someone who is not from the South, I tend to ease up on my Southern accent quite a bit. I can’t drop it completely, but it isn’t quite as strong as it is when I’m talking to my Mom, or Mr. Awesome, or my neighbors. For a long time I was a little bit ashamed of my accent. Spending a good bit of my life NOT living in the South taught me that once someone heard your accent, they’d treat you a little differently than they otherwise would....more

Should We Be The Ones Correcting Each Other?

We're all so clever these days. We're so good at policing the thoughts and feelings of everyone we see. We call it snark, or "calling someone on their sh*t", but at the core of it all is this sick desire to correct those we disagree with. And I'm one of the worst offenders....more
 @JennaHatfield It really is. It's hard to remember that. SO hard.more

Should Sex Offenders Register On Social Media Sites?

A week ago I stumbled upon the story of one Mr. Charles Eric Waugh, and his love of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Mr. Waugh started a Twitter account some time ago and made it his personal space for uniting the Buckeye nation, and encouraging his team, the coaching staff, and potential recruits (which is in violation of NCAA rules and regs.)Initially a firestorm descended upon him when fellow fans asked him not to tweet/at mention/spam potential recruits because of the probability of being slapped with a violation; a hot bed topic in college ball right now. Then things got..."creepy"....more

The Girlfriend Dilemma

When I was 13 I would have given my right mosquito bite for this kind of attention. I have two new friends whom I get along with amazingly for the first time in my entire life. And I'm 27. And they're both 34. (I like older women.) Initially it was all very exciting and surreal because these are cool women too. They aren't like me. They weren't awkward in high school. They don't have weight problems. They were cool girls. The kind of girls I could never have been friends with. And yet, today they are my friends!! It's amazing!!...more
Aww, this plagues a lot of women and I have been there all too many times.  I have three ...more