"Success Cake"-- {Norway's other "World's Best Cake"}

Recently while in Norway I enjoyed a slice (or two) of a delicious cake....more

Best (EVER) Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had this recipe up on my blog sometime back but had to delete the post it was on....more

End of the School Year Printable! (We Believe in YOU!)

I've been working on all of the end of the year things and just wanted to give a little bit of encouragement to our teachers, who I know, have got to be weary! I know I am!! I whipped up a little something cute to get my message across and added a cupcake ....more

Silk Tie Egg Dying - 20 Minute Crafter

Yesterday a friend brought me a dozen and a half of duck eggs saying they were to decorate for Easter....more

How to make a fabric bowl using scraps! - 20 minute crafter

Saturdays lately have meant a new crafty conquest, this week it was for a friends birthday....more

Travel Cheaply!

As some of you know, we are planning a trip to Norway this June!...more

Beach Towel Easter Baskets

Hey friends! Remember the old school "boo boo bunnies"? Well this is like an XL version of those but instead of holding an ice cube, it holds the contents of an Easter basket! ...more

Sink or Rise: When the church hurts you.

Devastation: NOUN1. great destruction or damage: 
"the floods caused widespread devastation"
synonyms: destruction · ruin · desolation · havoc · wreckage · ruins · ravages ·
2. severe and overwhelming shock or grief: 
"she spoke of her devastation at his death"
Devastation leaves us with two choices....more

Cheeseburger Cauliflower and Cheese! {low carb and keto!}

Hopefully you know by now that if a recipe makes it to the's a good one....more

A hoho Valentine! Free printable!

The days of classroom Valentines are winding down for me, I can feel it....more