6 Things to do with Pumpkins Besides Carving!

The other day I was thinking of some other things that I could do with pumpkins besides carve them, or just leave them there to look pretty. Since I'm not that good at carving.. the thing I made last year looked like a freaky clown... I really thought about using them in the way that I would use other things in my own home.. except just now let pumpkins do that work!So here is what I came up with--you can personalize any of what I've shown below to suit your own style and decor!  Have fun and make this a family project!...more
Sure. Here you go then Pumpkin Fritters. 2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin Half cup cake flour 1 ...more

The Best Apple Pie

Traditional Apple Pie:   MH Original ...more

The Best of Dips, Tapenades, and Aolis!

Entertaining doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be fun Published: 01 August 2013Author: ...more

Grilled Peppers Stuffed with Black Rice, Beans, and Fresh Cilantro

   As is the case with many of my culinary creations, I took a stock of what I had in my fridge, and saw some big fat juicy peppers.  I then thought those would be really good if I stuffed them with something.  I didn't have any meat, so I thought of using beans as the main stuffing ingredient instead.  But, they were too large to stuff with just beans, (that'd be a whole lot of beans for one serving), so I thought that I would mix the beans with some rice, and give it a Mexican flavor.  Since it was an amazingly nice day outside, I would grill them.  And so the creating begins...I will also detail some tasty variations.. such as adding bacon. Yes, this variation is for you if you are a vegetarian who loves bacon....more

How To Make a Flower Ball: A Unique Gift

 I am so in love with this look right now!  A perfectly beautiful piece of art–a flower ball.  This is an original way of showcasing flowers, other than in a vase.This would be a perfect event decor piece (such as for Easter), hung above a table or in an entry way.  You can also give one as a gift–for a friend’s birthday or for your favorite Hostess!The best part about this is in the making of one....more

Cocktail Season: Break In the Patio!

I may be jumping to conclusions… but spring feels awfully close and I can’t wait to host one of my first deck parties, especially once the new hot tub arrives   To get in the spirit, here I’ve showcased some of my favorite cocktails, that are sure to appeal to different tastes....more

Romantic Flower Centerpiece: Easy Tips for a Beautiful Arrangement

You don't have to be a professional florist to make a beautiful centerpiece.  All that it requires is beautiful, healthy flowers, some patience, and a little basic knowledge of composition, which I will show you here. ...more

Modern Day Hostess: 6 Reasons I'm Not Martha Stewart

She’s had a great run.  An icon to  housewives, wannabe chefs, and talented hostesses alike, Martha Stewart has built a legacy, an empire, and a fortune in the process.  Even an insider trading scandal and five-months in a West Virginia prison could not derail her image or success.  That said, today is a new day.  It’s time for a passing of the torch, a changing of the guard!So I shout it now from the rooftops, these are the reasons why I’m not Martha Stewart, why it’s O.K., and why it’s time for a change!  This is the day of the Modern Day Hostess!–O...more

Cinnamon French Toast: Morning's Are Good

French toast is so simple to make, and I find its always a crowd pleaser.  Having the right kind of bread from which to make french toast is important.  One cannot use plain toast bread--it will just turn out too mushy. I recommend a hearty, heavy, crusty whole grain or a rotund white round loaf.  Heading to your local bakery is well worth it....more