A Long/Short Journey

Genesis 2:24 That’s why a man will leave his own father and mother. He marries a woman, and the two of them become like one person.* ...more

What's In a Name?

                                                                                                   &nb ...more

I Remember

Those things we remember from childhood can be heartrendingly sad, " blue skies and fluffy white cloud" happy, chuckle funny… in fact they run the gambit of our emotions, only in primary Technicolor hews and are usually outlined in thick black lines! ...more

A Beautiful Day

Oh my goodness, this day is beautiful. It has been a busy morning trying to catch up on my jewelry making and getting lunch; today, it was actually dinner, a big country dinner. Our turnips are in and with a little butter-olive oil and Vidalia onion peach hot sauce, they were the star of the meal. The cinnamon sugar Keefer pears were a second runner-up. I won't even mention everything else, for delicacy's sake. ...more

I Will Call You Sparrow (Friend's Suicide)



                                                                                                                                               For those cooks who are intimated by cooking such a large sized piece of hog!First admit and face it; pig, hog, pork, swine, or anything you want to call it, bacon, chops, roast, ribs and any other portion (except the tail, ears, tongue, and perhaps the “oink”) is one drooling “tummy filling” taste treat! It is best, if you have ever seen a hog in its natural state (living its lifestyle) you may want to keep your mind in neutral while eating this white (pink) meat delicacy! ...more


Her eyes were filled with darkness. The velvet surface of her tongue felt as though it was stitched to the roof above it with dry-rotted sinew. She cautiously flexed it, the threads released and her tongue was free, but not yet ready to speak.   With timid fingers, she traced the texture and planes of the slippery shards of glass that lay scattered near where her wet cheek rested on a pillow of mossy stone. Overwhelming fear was in the act of taking her captive when a streak of her stubbornness ...more


(A 65 year old memory of a time gone-by- you may or may-not want to read this to your child depending on their tendency's!)En mass we arrived! I remember breathlessly running along the edge of the wild, craggy creek bank, cane-fishing pole over my shoulder, ragged grass and pebbles between my toes. I was completely joyful and totally in love with my childhood. My Mother's large extended family was having a picnic, combined with a fishing expedition and I had a deep seated need to be the "star" of the day....more


Hide and Refresh

Absolutely lovely writing!  Thank you for brightening my day. Warmly, Isabelmore