Why I don't shave my legs

I know that embracing body hair is something of a statement in our culture, and I mean it that way....more

On men's rights advocacy and feminism

Is it wrong to hate people who hate people? Because I try to overcome these feelings with love but sometimes I just want to shake the haters....more
This is beautiful and powerful and well spoken. :;Standing to Applaud::   I'm glad I stumbled ...more

Sex and procreation

They're two different things....more

Violent tendencies

Being a woman who shares her opinions publicly is still dangerous in today's world....more

How to Price Art

Over the years, I've figured out how to sell art, how to make art on commission, and even how to discount art without cheapening it. I know a thing or two about how art and money interact. It can be tricky, but there are really just four factors to take into account when you price your artwork to be successful....more

Painting my vagina without painting my vagina

My new series of paintings started out as a look at how infertility is marginalized in our society and turned into an exploration of how many behaviors and lifestyles are put down based on a gender binary that was established arbitrarily....more

The stupids

Every so often as I'm working, I come down with a big case of the stupids. It starts out with my aesthetic choices somehow feeling off. Suddenly, every brushstroke becomes a painful reminder of how unqualified I am to be a painter. From there, the feeling overwhelms every aspect of my art practice, from my thoughts about individual paintings to my plans for larger projects. I see that my blog is full of useless nattering--my whole website even. And I know that everything I say to people is dumb, meaning that I can't be much smarter. In other words, I'm stupid....more
My oldest sister is an artist and she strives for perfection. On the outside she is extremely ...more

Austin Kleon: creativity, copyright, and superstition

New York Times best-selling author Austin Kleon may be an advocate for creativity, but he also has a strange relationship with copyright....more

How I paint my portraits

The making of my portraits starts long before I put brush to canvas. It begins with a photo-session. I work from photos I take myself of my subjects during the course of a conversation, and this interview has a few important benefits:...more

Instead of competition

There is a lot more collaboration that goes on in the animal world than we would maybe like to admit....more