Choosing to Be a Motherless Child Still Hurts

"After a while, you kind of just get used to not speaking to your mom." I said those words, to my own surprise and without the least bit of sarcasm, two nights ago while at dinner with an old colleague. I had never described the radio silence between my mother and I in that way before. Perhaps, without realizing it, I have finally become resigned to being a motherless child. ...more
Very tough to be rejected by your mother. It is like a death. A death of a relationship for ...more

Our Most Genuine Selves

My best days are my most effortless days.They're the ones that roll out of me, like your grandparent's phone number for the last 40 years. Innate. Natural. Not memorized, but imprinted.They are the days when I am my most genuine self. The real me, who it can be so hard to find most days, comes shining through. I like her, my most genuine self. She tends to guffaw and her voice rises an octave when excited, but like the child she birthed, the laughter and excitement of others is her first concern....more
Beautiful! We all strive to be ourselves but hide our inner core in fear of judgement. I don't ...more

As I Was Biking by Cornfields on a Summer Evening

The pain started last week, stuck around everyday and seemed intent upon making it two in a row. Almost simultaneously, as if some universal starting gun had gone off, life picked back up. The lull between sports seasons was gone in the blink of an eye, my in-laws were days away, and a new school year loomed not too far in the distance.Underneath it all ran a current of uncertainty threatening to become a river of disappointment.  Life was challenging me. I was losing....more

Happy Grudges

I hold grudges. Big, nasty, persistent grudges. My grudges last years, not months, if they end at all. My grudges are like herpes.Now, you're probably thinking one of two things:1. This chick needs therapy. (Who holds grudges like that?) or,2. This chick is crazy. ( Who admits to holding grudges like that?)...more

The Art of Being Sorry: Lip Service, Empathy, and the Breeding of Covert -isms

Apologies are like assholes.  Most stink.But, also like assholes, they’re necessary for getting shit out of the way.  And by shit, I mean the not-so-well-thought-out garbage that flows from most of our mouths in moments of less than stellar verbal acumen.  Especially when you’re a celebrity or politician.We say things when and where we shouldn’t.  Our timing gets off or are filter springs a leak.  It happens.   When you’re a notable person, it happens in 3D....more

Why Marriage Equality Matters: A Coming Out Story

I was a perverted child, destined for a life as a moral degenerate, outside the grace of our Creator and segregated from the fellowship of a church family.Or so I thought.  At age 9....more

Too Big to Fail: Penn State & the Death Penalty

Man I love football.  So much so, that I consciously considered how my son’s name would look on the back of a jersey and sound over the PA before I settled on it....more


There are few things my wife and I disagree about.  Evolution* is one of them.  You see, I don't believe in it.  I'm a Creationist.*Evolution, as I'm using it here, refers to the existence of the universe, and more specifically, human beings, without the involvement of a deity.  Which deity and how involved... well, as Sweet Brown would say, "Ain't no body got time for that!"*...more
 @victorias_view thank you for thinking of usmore

The Abusive Relationship You Didn't Know You Were In

Does someone in your life:Withhold information, then shame you for not knowingConstantly change relationship expectations such that meeting them becomes impossibleCompliment you in person, but speak poorly about you to othersRemind you of your ultimate dependence upon them, especially when power/truth swings in your favorBelittle your accomplishments, then take credit...more

Jason Alexander Apologizes For Gaffe; Opens Mind

I'm not a Seinfeld fan. But I do know that, as George Costanza, Jason Alexander was all the things I don't want to be: bitter, petty, defensive, egotistical, mean. He was written without a positive bone in his body.It turns out that Jason Alexander is a great actor. And role model....more
I love a person who can think about something they've done, offer reasoning behind it and yet ...more