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SCOTUS on Prop. 8: When Did Gays Get Into the Constitution?

Analyses, prognostications and educated guesses abound after Tuesday’s argument before the United States Supreme Court on the merits and legal technicalities of California’s Proposition 8....more
@nickelshrink Precisely why the anti-marriage equality lawyers are having such a hard time ...more

Storytelling on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Whether you know it or not, since 1998 November 20th has been set aside as the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day for remembering the tragically high number of transgender men and women who have lost their lives to violence. Tonight there will be memorial vigils held in cities across the nation. Candles will be lit, and stories will be told....more
The transgendered community was vital in the repeal of DADT, many of whom served our country ...more

Romney’s Not Perfect – But He’s Not The Monster Some Gays Imagine

I knew what we were in for when Log Cabin Republicans made the decision to issue a qualified endorsement in favor of Mitt Romney for president. Congressman Barney Frank gave us a taste of it this summer, turning abusing gay Republicans into his personal crusade since the Democratic National Convention, with many liberals eager to take up his battle cry of “Uncle Tom.”...more

Log Cabin at the RNC: It’s About Showing Up

A political party’s platform is a strange document. It purports to represent the consensus and ideals of a massive organization, but in reality, it tends to represent only party “purists” and rarely determines policy. So then why would Log Cabin Republicans and other advocacy groups, including the Family Research Council, devote serious time and energy to attempting to influence a document that few people ever even read?...more
Thank you for showing up, and for highlighting the voices of others who do.  Kids like mine, in ...more

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” For Children

Following the Boy Scouts of America decision to continue excluding gay people from participating, many parents are venting their frustration with what they describe as the gay community’s assault on one of the last bastions of wholesome tradition – in the eyes of many, an assault on childhood itself: “Why do we have to talk about this? Why can’t you just let kids be kids?”...more
I'm sorry I didn't meet you at BlogHER 12 this month.  I, too blog on topics of interest to ...more

Why Homosexuality Scares Some Religious Conservatives

Rachel Held Evans, Christian blogger and author of the upcoming book “A Year of Biblical Womanhood:How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband Master,” has set in motion a weeklong discussion of a common debate in evangelical c...more
Another fear of homosexuality (that is really no different than whites who fear Blacks moving in ...more

S.E. Cupp and Hustler: When Liberals Hate

If you ask a liberal, “when is it okay to call a gay man a f*ggot?” he’ll probably tell you “never” – but as an employee of the national Log Cabin Republicans, an organization of LGBT Republicans and our allies, I can tell you we hear it a lot, and most often it comes from self-identified Democrats. Don’t believe me? Ask Richard Grenell, or Ken Mehlman, or Mary Cheney. We’ve heard it all....more
 @Julie Ross Godar What was apparently influenza, first in hubby then me, kept me away from my ...more

On Gay Rights, Romney Should Look to Republican Women

Republican women don’t get enough credit for promoting LGBT equality....more
 @Polly Pagenhart Glad to do it - and this is far from exhaustive! I felt bad leaving out ...more