Weekend Recap

Monday again?! Always happens, doesn't it? Anyway, on to discussing this past weekend. It was a good one. On Friday evening, Kevin and I grabbed dinner at Bangers and Lace in Wicker Park. We had been there for beers before, but this was our first time for dinner. We got the corn nuts to munch on and for my meal, I got the truffled grilled cheese--amazing! Three types of cheese and truffles=awesome flavor! And it came with a tomato garlic gazpacho. Perfection! Kevin had the venison sausage and liked that a lot....more

Things I'm Loving Thursday

To tell you the truth, this week has been a blur and I've not really had much time to stop and smell the roses. As far as what I've been loving, does getting to bed at a reasonable hour count? Maybe, but that's boring, so here are some things I have been obsessed with:...more

Golden Girls

USA Women's Gymnastics  ...more

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was pretty spectacular in my opinion. On Friday night I went to Millennium Park with Kevin and met up with some friends for a classical music concert. We enjoyed some appetizers, desserts and wine and celebrated my friend Lauren's birthday. ...more

2012 Olympics!!!

Today's the big day! The 2012 Summer Olympic Games! Coming to us from London this year. I am beyond excited in case you couldn't tell. I have always been a big fan of the Olympics, Summer and Winter (though I do prefer the Summer Games a bit--gymnastics was my sport and in my opinion, the highlight of the Games!). ...more

Things I'm Loving Thursday

What a busy week I am having--oh my. Exhausting and that I do not apreesh! But I think I can find a little time to talk about the things I'm loving this week, even if the week itself is not getting too much love from me (and it's sure as hell not loving me either). ...more

Weekend Recap

This last weekend was a big one, so I will go ahead and get started! On Friday night I decided to just stay in, order some Thai food and watch television--pretty much my idea of a perfect Friday night. I got sweet and sour tofu and Thai spring rolls from Manee Thai (I fully embraced laziness and had them delivered) and both were fantastic! Kevin was at a concert at Ravinia, so I had the place to myself. On Saturday, I went to a class at the gym called workout challenge--and was it ever a challenge! Cardio, strength and exhaustion for an hour sum it up pretty well....more

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Thanks for joining me for the second edition of Things I'm Loving Thursday! Here we go ...more

Say Yes to the Dress

Not talking about my wedding dress here, I don't plan to post pictures of that on here until after the wedding (which is tough because I am horrible at keeping secrets!). I'm talking about a dress that came in the mail for me on Friday that I am kind of obsessed with: ...more

Movie in the Park

Last night I headed over to Churchill Park in Bucktown to meet up with some friends for a Movie in the Park. The city of Chicago has been doing this for quite a few years now and I am sure there are other cities that do it as well. I used to go to it quite often when Movies in the Park were in Grant Park downtown. This was my first time at a neighborhood park and I'm glad I had the opportunity to take advantage of it. ...more