2012, Thank You!

2012 is finished. Usually endings signal a desire to reflect back on what has been, lessons learned, resolutions, goals, etc. However, endings create opportunities for beginnings. I'm a firm believer not in holding on to the past but learning from it. Since we were blessed to see 2013, we should face it wiser, smarter and with a renewed spirit!...more

I Look to You

NaBloPoMo Day 1! During this month long event, bloggers are provided a writing prompt each day. It may be a statement or a question to inspire creative flow. I’m going to share each day’s prompt in case you want to journal/write along with me.  Today’s prompt: From where do you draw your energy?My major source is God. His love, His light, and His everlasting love energize me. When I see the faces and hear the laughter of my family, I feel something that I can’t explain. They ground me and remind me who I am....more