Teaching My Asian Kids The Power of "No"

I come from a culture where the word no is a bit of a taboo.It's not that we don't have the wordno in Japanese. It is iie (pronounced ee-ee-yeh). The trouble is, we don't often come right out and say it. Our culture is really big on saving face, both our own and that of the other party, so to just say no without much padding around it is not very cool.So, we Japanese have perfected the art of beating around the bush....more
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Why I No Longer Have Mommy Guilt About Exercising

My life was crazy busy when my kids were very young.  Working out was the last thing on my mind during those days when I was chasing a toddler around the house while nursing a newborn (and yes, by my second child I had perfected the art of nursing while standing, walking, cooking, shopping--you name it).  I hardly had time to finish any of my meals before I had to clean up a spill or grab an escapee from a high chair, and I was routinely awake for more than 20 hours a day.  I was always exhausted and haggard....more

Sending Your Kids to Camp Can Help You Grow Up -- As a Parent

Our family just returned from a week-long camp at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in Northern California. This is our 11th year of what has become our family tradition. When we arrived at Mt. Hermon for the very first time, our kids were only ages 4- and almost 2-years-old. We were all at Main Camp together in one cabin, sharing two beds amongst the four of us. We ate every meal together and played ping pong until late at night. We swam at the pool and hung out at the Fountain for ice cream and snacks with new friends. Except for the times when the kids went off to their own camp programs, we were constantly together and built memories as a family. ...more

Advice to My 30-Something New Mom Self

There's been a mini baby boom going on around here these days.  Most of these moms are first-timers in their thirties with established careers and carefree lives.  Boy, are things going to change for them now!  I was once one...more

How Much Would You Pay For Your Child's Yearbook?

My freshman son came home the other day with his first high school yearbook.  It's beautifully bou...more

When Does Parenting Our Preteens Turn Into Enabling Them?

"I can't find my black tap shoes!  I called daddy at home, and he can't find them either!" panicked Meg in the dressing room at her weekend dance competition.  We arrived abou...more

4th Grade is Too Late To Start a Sport. Seriously?!

My son Josh signed up to play Pony League baseball in fourth grade.  His best friend from church, Sammy, talked him into it.  Sammy, a very athletic child, had already been playing baseball for a few seasons.  Josh, on the other hand, was brand new to the game.  It quickly became apparent that at age 9, it was much too late to start a new sport....more
I came across this article while writing a paper about the overly competitiveness of youth ...more

My daughter won't someday be wearing my wedding gown, and it's okay

I saw this wedding dress at the laundromat, professionally cleaned and encased in a box, taxidermy-like, preserving the memories of that beautiful day for the bride to whom this belongs.  Maybe she hopes to someday have a daughter who will b...more

How a Misdiagnosed Case of Shingles Made This Mom Slow Down

"Uh-oh, I've got a pimple!" I sighed while getting ready to v...more
@jpage.manuel Yeah, you don't want to get chicken pox as an adult, I hear.  Maybe you can still ...more

Let the Baby Cry It Out? Here's What Happens 15 Years Later...

Our firstborn could never fall asleep on his own as a baby.  We did not let him cry it out, although we tried...once.  We w...more