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The MOST Important Memories For Your Kiddos

I realized the other day that my child is almost three. THREE. Where did the time go?? ...more

Adulting is Hard When You Have Young Kids

A cute baby, with my fave new Fabletics leggings in the background <3 Adulting when you have a toddler and a baby is hard. And you guys, I’m seriously NOT whining right now. I’m just saying: getting yourself up, dressed, and ready in the morning, while also managing to get a two year old and a three month old fed, changed, dressed, changed again, packed up and ready to go for the day is not the easiest thing in the world ....more

Blogging Better: Do I Have to Use EVERY Form of Social Media?

I wasn’t really planning to write this post today, but there I was, getting all of these LinkedIn emails about Google+, and it was about enough to push me over the edge. There are SO MANY social media networks out there, you guys. And if you’re a blogger, it can be SO HARD to figure out how to be active and engaged on each one ....more

My Favorite Place in the World

You guys, I’m a worker bee....more

LifeBankUSA: Cord Blood Banking to Preserve What’s Most Important

If you’ve had a baby in the last ten years, then you’ve heard about...more

Losing the Baby Weight: Three Week Update

So, can I just say that this little face would be worth gaining 100 lbs during pregnancy? Because it totally is. Anyway, I promised to stay accountable here ....more

Taking Time For Your Marriage

This weekend, Rick and I had our first date away from the kids since Christopher was born. Now, I love my kids, but I have been praying for a great day to have a little free time in my brain. You know – a few hours where I don’t have to worry about packing snacks in the diaper bag, or who has a poopy diaper, or why my toddler is dumping his milk all over the floor ....more

“Can We Walk Around the Block, Mama?”

Tonight, after I got home from a grocery run with the boys, I went outside to talk with the hubs while he grilled us some dinner. He’s fabulous about making dinner. I hate cooking, he loves it, and he’s willing to take care of it pretty much every night of the week ....more

The Fourth was such


Prepping for the 4th: Things You Need

You guys, I am so behind the 8 ball on preparing for the 4th. I’m usually totally on top of all this stuff, and this year I’m just…behind....more