I feel oddly compelled to post something here tonight, but I don’t have anything to say. So hi. Here’s a meme ....more

An Open Letter to the Woodbridge BOE

A little bit of background for all of you that have no clue what’s going on: The Woodbridge Township School District Board of Education has voted to eliminate ALL school librarians for the 2017/18 school year. A public hearing has been scheduled by the Woodbridge Township Board of Education to discuss the 2017/18 school year […] ...more

I’m really bad at saying thank you.

For close to 2 months, I’ve been trying to find the words to say to thank the amazing individuals who sent books my way for my classroom and #Booksgiving. I’ve literally been trying to write about my reaction to this year’s #Booksgiving for 3 weeks now. Every time I open my phone to upload the […] ...more


Last year, Jenny (The Bloggess) started this beautiful thing called Booksgiving. It started with her wanting to give away 30 copies of her book, Furiously Happy. All her loyal followers wanted to give away books too, so everyone started sharing Amazon wishlists ....more


I’m a Jersey girl, through and through. While I initially refused to consider attending Rutgers when I was in high school, I ultimately completed both my undergrad and graduate degrees there. With the New Brunswick Campus came some of the most memorable meals a Rutgers grad could ever experience: fat sandwiches at the Scott Hall […] ...more

Annual Ellen Birthday Letter, Year 9

To my birthday twin Ellen: Well, this year has been… interesting. I hope 58 has been as interesting for you as 26 has been for me. I’m in 1st place in 3 levels of Candy Crush, btw ....more

New year, new hopes, new clichés

Note: I started writing this post 5 days ago. Then I stopped. I have a lot of half-written posts in my Saved Drafts folder ....more

Stress Cooking

I didn’t realize it until about 1pm today, but this election season is stressing me out. Sure, I’d read about the study done by APA saying 52% of American adults living in the United States who say “2016 election is a very or somewhat significant source of stress,” but I didn’t think much about it. […] ...more


I have a draft of a post that’s been sitting in my “Drafts” folder all summer long. I stopped writing it mid-sentence, something I rarely do. It partially reads: I’m not going to start this post pretending I’m going to get back into blogging, or apologizing for infrequent updates ....more


PAD 4/2 In the dark, we see the light of our hearts glowing: illuminated ....more