One Month To 40 - Some Perspective on Aging

Today I am exactly one month away from my 40th birthday. This April, I'll celebrate 40 completed trips around the sun and begin my 41st. It's a milestone that can send both men and women into a tizzy of doubt and anxiety about "getting old"....more

Edible Flowers - The Taste of Spring!

Guys, it’s officially here! What is “it”? SPRING! Though NYC weather may not agree, we are now in the official season of green grass and light jackets and Easter Eggs. I can’t feel it, but I can almost taste it! Actually, you can taste it too…with any one of these 5 edible flowers you should try!...more

Giving Advice: The Definitive Guide

You have an opinion. You have LOTS of opinions.Sometimes those opinions are about things that affect your life; sometimes those opinions are about things that affect the lives of those around you. Sometimes those opinions are about things that aren't even actually happening but you THINK might be, and you want to make sure those things change...if they're even happening at all. Bit of a reach on that last one, right?But each and every one of those opinions is important...TO YOU....more

Badass Quotes For Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month - cheers to us, the mighty she-roes of the world!And as you go about she-roing, it's easy to forget one simple fact: YOU ARE A BADASS. You're an autonomous, singularly amazing being with infinite power that isn't attached to anyone else. It's all within you....more

Mac 'N Cheese Sex: It's What's For Dinner

When I think of mac 'n cheese (spelled here in the warm, ooey gooey way intentionally), it's like picturing a steaming bowl of "made-with-love" in my hand. I mean, it is perhaps THE most comforting of all the comfort foods. And what's more comforting than a hot bowl of mac n' cheese, right?A hot bowl of mac n' cheese sex....more

Checked By A Toddler: A Street Harassment Tale

Yep. You read that right.My son...my Lil' Man...dude who's got me by at least 4 inches now...checked a slimeball at the tender age of 4 on a midtown Manhattan street corner, during a busy morning commute....more

"Go, Mama GO!" - A Mother's Day Tale

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms reading this!Motherhood has been my biggest joy/headache/money pit/anxiety source/love well/hug ‘n kiss machine/happy place ever!  Yep. It’s all those things. And sometimes it can feel thankless. But if you listen in the small moments…it’s truly not....more