Brittany Gibbons

Brittany Gibbons


2012 Golden Globes Recap: Surprises, Upsets and Erections?

I will admit, nothing excites me more than a night on the couch with wine, sweatpants and cold left-over fried chicken, watching Hollywood glitz and glamor, and the Golden Globes are no exception.Unlike the People's Choice Awards which mean nothing, the Golden Globes are the pre-cursor to the Oscars, and if you enjoy some healthy award show betting, this is the kind of frivolous crap you live for....more
Loved Ricky's God joke. It was my favorite of the night. Even more so than the Jodie Foster ...more

Heh, Heh Eh Heh. Beavis & Butthead Are Back.

Heh, heh heh, heh.Uh, huh uh huh....more
I absolutely loved the first show & I'm running behind on watching the second. Grandma JWOWW? ...more

Glee Is Back! And...Weird. What Did You Think of the Season Premiere?

When last we left Glee, Kurt had returned to New Directions, Finnchel (aka Finn + Rachel) tanked Nationals with a public kiss, and Blaine and Kurt professed their love to each other. And then we spent the summer watching behind the scenes drama run amok on Twitter. Trouty Mouth peaces out! Finn, Rachel and Kurt get axed after this season! (Psych, no they're not. Maybe.) So, last night's season premiere had everyone back in school after a crushing defeat at Nationals. Except, you know, the ones who aren't....more
@Mama in the Moon And I just saw the spoilers for the Quinn/Puck/Beth/Shelby storyline and am ...more

MTV Turns Dirty Thirty.

I was alive for four whole months before MTV existed.Prince, Michael Jackson, Modonna, Aerosmith, Nirvana and Pearl were my youth.  Not just listening to them. Seeing them. Living their music through the stories they told with their videos. I got my news from Kurt Loder, social activism from Rock the Vote, dry humping skills from The Grind, tolerance from Real World, sex advice from Love Line, and my appreciation of sarcasm and being a social outcast from Daria. ...more
I was also born in '81 and really did grow up watching MTV. I miss the old MTV. =( Now I have ...more

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris: The Wedding is Off, GASP!

In what can either be described as the most shocking or most expected news ever, the wedding of Hugh Hefner, 85, and Crystal Harris, I don't know...4, has been called off, a mere five days before the planned nuptials were to take place at Hefner's infamous Playboy Mansion. ...more

Thanks for the comment, and your response is fair, it is not right to assume one's intelligence ...more

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards Recap: Am I Too Old for This Sh*t?

You know when you are sitting there, doing your taxes and researching life insurance premiums, thinking to yourself, I am such an adult right now, how awesome and mature am I?And then, you turn on the television to watch C-Span, and as you are flipping around, you see an ad for the MTV Movie Awards, and you are all, ugh, like MTV is even still on the air, they don't even know what good music is anymore, it's just noise.  hosted by Jason Sudeikis......more
I tried watching it (taped version) and said what the heck this is horrible and turned it off.more

Ten Reasons Why I (Still) Love Glee

The honeymoon is over. Gone are the days of toe deep story lines and nonsensical Madonna tributes. Things have gotten heavy on Glee this season, and it's easy to see why some people are jumping ship. But, I'm going to give you 10 Gleektastic reasons I'm sticking it out for the long haul. ...more
-start slow dramatic clap- I couldn't agree more!Each point was so true! I recently started ...more

"Glee" is Back, Zombie Boot Camp Style!

Free from the constraints of silly tribute shows, finally the story line makes sense again. I mean, don't get me wrong, I perform a heavily choreographed Britney number in a mid-drift everytime I'm high at the dentist too, but, after Rachel butchered "Baby, One More Time," I'd had enough. Thankfully, the dog days are over, and we're back on track to finish out the season strong. Hide your tots and Journey mix tapes, folks, Glee is back!"...more

Madonna felt like it fit ok. But Britney, good God, did they tank that.

I say funny ...more