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Searching for a Dinner Recipe? Try Super Citrus Salmon

Try this easy salmon recipe! It tastes great, the citrus sauce is a tangy accompaniment to the fish and it is ready in a flash, just 15 minutes from start to finish. Plus you get your total omega-3 fatty acids for the day.Super Citrus SalmonPreparation and Cooking Time: 15 minutes...more

Should You Be Taking an Antioxidant Supplement?

Should you take an antioxidant? Should you not take an antioxidant? Personally, I think most people should. We all try to eat right, exercise and manage stress well, but honestly; I think we all fall short most days. Antioxidants can provide an extra level of protection for your health.I recommend getting your antioxidants through food, but I also encourage you to find a pharmaceutical grade, high-quality antioxidant tablet as well. Antioxidants can help boost your immune system, improve the damage caused by free radicals, increase energy and over all feelings of well being....more
Sounds like a wonderful salad..I like doing that, toomore

Skin Need Some TLC?

Does your dry skin need some TLC? Sometimes the best treatments are the ones you can do right at home. Here are two that I use and love:Bath Treatments ...more
Thanks for the great ideas, Makes my skin feel wonderful.more

Stopping the Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Did you know that 90% of all people who lose weight simply gain it back again? We know being overweight is damaging to one’s health. In fact the surgeon general’s office states that one out of every eight deaths in America is caused by an illness directly related to excess weight and obesity....more
I cut out all GMO and try to buy as much from local growers as I can. Made a big difference not ...more

5 Healthy Cooking Tips

Most of us are pretty savvy about what to put in our grocery carts. With each grocery trip we are reading more labels and adding more organic foods. However, to truly maximize the health of your family’s meals you must analyze the way you are preparing the ingredients. For instance, scientific studies show that low cooking temperatures and short cooking times are two of the most valuable components to enhance the flavor of food and help it retain important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. ...more
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Fast Food Survival Guide

Let’s say you packed a healthy lunch, but left if at home. Or your boss tells you to take a customer to lunch, and they want to go to an establishment that is notorious for its unhealthy food choices. Sometimes we find ourselves staring at a fast food menu and just don’t know how to make the best choices. Here’s my fast food survival guide:...more

8 Healthy Ways to Clean Your Home Without Toxic Chemicals

Many of you have been preparing organic foods, eliminating sugar, simple carbs and fatty foods. You’ve been exercising and getting more sleep. But what about your environment? If you have looked in the cleaning aisles of most upscale grocery stores, you have seen a wide array of all natural cleaners, usually at astronomical prices. Since good health begins in the home, I am sharing some nontoxic suggestions for cleaning your home naturally and at a much lower cost. ...more
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Six Simple Stress Busters That Work!

1. Throw Back Your Head and Laugh. Laughing increases blood flow and relaxes your blood vessels. It lightens your mood and just plain feels good. The exact opposite happens when you're stressed.2. Stop and Smell the Roses. Actually, I’m talking about aromatherapy. The fragrance of: lemon, orange, mango, grape, lavender, and basil, contain a compound called linalool, whose scent reduces anxiety....more

Hidden Sugar, Do You Know Where it is Hiding?

Many of you have been working hard to improve your diet and overall health. You are eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein sources. Something that still may be detrimental to your health is the amount of sugar you are unknowingly consuming. Products with sugar clearly labeled are easy to assess. But what about products with words such as dextrose and maltose? Have you made yourself familiar with the words that signal sugar? If not, here is a list to keep with you or memorize. ...more

Is Chocolate Healthy?

What’s the first thing most of reach for when feeling low on energy, depressed or just in need of a pick me up? You guessed it, chocolate! Where did this little gem of therapy originate? Actually, chocolate has been around since the Mayan culture used the cocoa beans as a symbol of wealth and status dating around 600 AD. In fact, it was even used among the Mayans of Mexico as currency. Where does that leave us today? Chocolate has been called by some “the world’s favorite food”. It is bursting with powerful antioxidants that may protect us against free radicals....more