It's in Style and You Hate It (I'm Talking to You, Kitten Heels)

If you're over 15 and have any interest at all in fashion, I've got some bad news: a style you hate is due to be revived. I know this because I've seen a lot of style revivals -- so many that I'm amazed that they can still take me by surprise. These days, the revival that's making me shudder is the Mad Men-inspired return of kitten heels. I hate them. I'm seeing a kitten-heeled future, and it fills me with a nameless dread. But I won't panic. Here's why: ...more

I adore kitten heels--though thankfully, fall has arrived and I can store my kitten heels until ...more

Concealer is my BFF

When makeup mavens talk about the products they won't leave the house without, they usually mention color cosmetics like lipstick, mascara, or eyebrow color. Concealer doesn't tend to be at the top of the list, maybe because it isn't as dramatic as lipstick, or as easy to apply as mascara. But what a difference the right concealer makes! I really won't leave home without it. ...more
great tips, worth following, i am using a concealer but it is not helping me out in any of the ...more

Anti-Aging Serums: Which One Should You Use?

Trying to keep up with advances in anti-aging skincare is like trying to tell time by looking at the second hand of a watch. Too many products are introduced featuring too many miracle ingredients. And when you find a product you like, chances are it will be discontinued. And then you're right back where you started. ...more
Good article!  I totally agree with your opening statement about the rapid changes in skincare ...more

Do Your Eyebrows Need an Update?

I don't know what it is about baby boomers -- maybe it was all the acid -- but a lot of them haven't realized that shaping and grooming your eyebrows will take 10 years off your face. I'm about to head to my 30th college reunion, and I'm already cringing over what I'm going to see -- a bunch of unshaped, heavy caterpillar eyebrows. Think Susan Boyle ... but without the voice.Eyebrows circa 2010...more

Gorgeous eyebrow goodies!

One Friday ...more

The Clog is Back -- But is it Cool?

Is it me, or is the fashion cycle spinning faster? I feel like I've just wrapped my brain around the 80s revival only to discover that there's a 90s revival is waiting in the wings. Which makes sense, I suppose, since the 90s started 20 years ago....more

i always wear rubber shoes that's why I am very clumsy with high heeled shoes, so in time that i ...more

How to Look 10 Years Younger: Rethink Your Jewelry

Jewelry isn't just adornment. When you look at a woman's jewelry, you're seeing who she is. And it's not just her socio-economic status. A woman's jewelry is where her age and hipness intersect. While jewelry can't literally make you look younger, it can certainly make you look very less than hip.This is not the look to emulate....more

if only because they are less likely to be grabbed by a grabby baby, which is how i make most of ...more

Nail polish trends for Spring, 2010

Even in Chicago, the weather is finally warm enough to have me thinking seriously about my spring wardrobe. And yet, here in Chicago, there is always a possibility that another snowstorm will hit. So savvy fashionistas think about ways to freshen up their winter clothes, because around here at least, we're going to be wearing them for the next month. The simplest, cheapest, and fastest update? A new bottle of nail polish....more

Hi Laura,

I found a great non-toxic nail polish for my girls. Keeki Pure and Simple is the ...more

Shimmery Makeup: Not Just for Teens

A lot of people believe that shimmery makeup has no place on a face older than 19. They think women over 35 should only wear matte foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick.Well, times have changed. Makeup textures have lightened up, and shimmery, dewy, glossy finishes are in style. They're so in style that they're difficult to avoid--and we shouldn't avoid them....more

My eyebags are in danger of needing their own postcode, so if a bit of sparkle might work I'm ...more

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Old School Relief for Dry Skin

You know when I started to feel like a real grown-up lady? It was the day I turned my back on drugstore skincare and decided to brave the lions in the cosmetics department. I wasn't going to use Noxema or Clearasil any more -- that was for kids. I was going to be sophisticated, like the upper classwomen in my college dorm. I was going to use Clinique....more

I agree. sometimes all you want/ need is moisture for your skin.



I ...more

10 Tips for Traveling in Style -- Yes, It Can Be Done

The holiday travel season is well underway, and everyone is looking for ways to avoid checking a bag. There's always been a pretty good chance that you and your luggage would end up in different places--but now the airlines are charging you $25/bag to lose your luggage. I just spent a week out of town attending various dressy events, and I did it without checking a bag. I carried the two small bags the airlines allow me carry onto the plane.  Here's my advice: ...more

useful travel tips, in our country, we have two options for travelling, by ship or by plane, ...more