Am I paranoid?

Playtime should be fun time, but how do you let your children play unsupervised by you personally. I do not allow my daughters to play at anyone's house unless I am present, so this means I must deal with children at my house. Since they are not allowed at anyone's house, I find that other parents easily let them come over. Now I would never harm these children when they come over but how do the parents know this? How could they even chance it?...more

Pervs are pigs!

I hate to insult pigs but as you can see it's one of the things that makes me boil with anger. I look at pictures of who they say is me when I was little, I don't recognize me. I see a little girl who I feel sorry for, I see sadness even beneath the smiles. She was being sexually abused on a regular basis by my grandma's husband, I don't say my grandpa because he was my dads step-father not my grandpa. I can't believe it happened, I just don't know how, he had done it to other's and no one saved me....more

Dealing with school stress

Last week sometime, I got a call from the school that they would be moving Nicky to the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) class. What? Not that I don't think my daughter is gifted and talented but she's not ready for an advanced class like that. I was in these classes when I was little and I have a daughter in those classes and they are no joke, especially when it comes to homework. I had to explain that my daughter was recommended to be retained last year so it doesn't make any sense....more

I'm a horrible Mom

On occasion, well quite often I don't do what my girls want. I always tell them "This house isn't a democracy, we don't vote, I am the ruler and you do as I say! hahaha I love it! Being a mom isn't about making our kids happy, it's about making me happy with the decisions I make as a mom....more

Big Girls Wear High Heels

Are high heels appropriate for little girls?I have always thought that little girls wearing high heels was wrong, I would see them at the stores and say "Oh my gosh who would buy these and why would they even make these for little girls?". I think this attitude came from trying to make little girls grow up too fast, but lately I have seen them on little girls out and about and I began to think.....maybe that's why I can't walk in high heels. If I had started young, by now I would be a pro. Now these are not typical heels but more of a wedge shoe....more

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a very happy day for many young illegal immigrants in the U.S., people are lining up everywhere to apply for the new policy change called "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals". Watching the young people in long lines across america, reminds me of how lucky I am. These young people were brought here as children and had no control, the U.S. is all they know. This is their home, as far as they knew growing up, this is where they belonged. I'm so glad that my daughters don't have to go through the same fear that those young people face daily....more

Oh Happy Day!

And They're Off!

Trim A Bush

Trim A Bush