5 Fun Summer Kid Activities that Wouldn't Break The Bank

Summer fun doesn't mean spending lots money or even having to go far.   Here are some of our favorites we are enjoying that  you can do as well that wouldn't break the bank. Library Time : ...more

Wowing me into Fall

 With Fall in full swing I wanted to share a few things that are wowing me right now . Can we talk TV Shows first off? Come on are you loving TGIT lineup?  I must say I have been screaming at the TV and trying to keep my tone down NOT to wake up the baby and later on my other kids. It seems with each show that passes I get more involved. When I see How to Get Away With Murder is about to start I grab one of the couch pillows cause I know I will be screaming WT* by the end of it! ...more

Holding on a Thread

 6 1/2 wks /34wks gestational  age.... Holding on a thread... harder & harder each night to leave the NICU.  Holding my breathe each time I call for another update. She's fine they say.. but all I can think is not until she is home. Then I think will she be OK at home.  6 1/2 wks how my life has changed. How my husband's life has changed. How our other children's lifes as changed. ...more

If I Could

If I could I'd put on my sneakers and run... But being I had to have an ememercy C-Section that will have to wait a while and I'll just have to  find another way to let out my emotions. If I could I'd scream at the top of my lungs and say this is just too much am I really suppose to be this strong?.. but I pause and pray and ask for the strength to endure this road put in front. ...more

Remembering this Hard Road is Worth It.

I remember hearing my husband say OK let's have one more baby. I remember thinking he HAS to be joking he has to right? Then I thought no he knows that is something I really have been wanting and praying althought we have 3 amazing and wonderful children I thought why not one more. Maybe I was nuts I thought but to hear those words was one of my happiest moments. In the back of my mind for a few times I thought well I'm 37 am I tempting fate am I too old. AGAIN I know there are woman having babies way older then that but I couldn't help to have those fears in my head....more


Monday Morning

Monday Morning. Kids have all gone to school.I'm left sitting at the corner of the couch. Feeling the chills of the breeze that comes through the slightly open window.No noise but the sound of my keyboard as I search,type and see what has happened since my last check in.Monday Morning. Start of a new week. So many things that need to be done but nothing has even started. Not even my Coffee. Maybe the Caffeine will help wake me up....more

38 Things I Want To Do or Accomplish before I'm 38

In less then two months I shall be turning 37. First question is how did that happen so quickly. I could remember the days when I would think wow 35 imagine when I am THAT old. Well 35 has long gone by and 36 is about to end. Here I sit as all three of my children are all in school this year. With the oldest starting High School and my youngest in Kindergarten. All three have new adventures,growth and learning ahead of them. ...more

I Want To Remember

 This is my way of documenting my little girl's 1st day of Kindergarten. ...more