Piercing Babies' Ears: Why I Did It To My Kids

Every so often the “to pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears” debate flares up in the U.S. This is probably because there are more and more little Latina girls running around with earrings adorning their cute little earlobes. A lot of Anglo moms consider the practice barbaric and even borderline child abuse....more
You're absolutely correct, a removable earring and a tiny hole in an ear lobe that will ...more

How Many Deaths Before We Enforce Gun Control?

Two months have passed since the Newtown tragedy, and while most of us are able to continue our lives as usual after our initial shock, disbelief and horror, the parents of the 20 children killed that day cannot. The families of the teachers killed that day cannot. The health and law enforcement professionals who arrived on the scene cannot. The community of Newtown cannot....more
Lorraine, great article. I am in agreement with you, guns should only be in the hands of trained ...more

How Foodstamps Helped Me Feed My Kids and Rebuild My Life

I was at the supermarket checkout line when the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a donation for the needy.I would have liked to, but instead, I flashed my food stamps card and shook my head, saying: “I can’t. This time, I’m the needy.”The poor guy blushed and mumbled an apology. I suppose he must have felt bad for me.“It’s okay,” I said. “I’m glad to have the help.” ...more
@pfb1977 Maybe I didn't explain it properly. My ex was not in a position to pay for child ...more

The Importance of Reading to Our Children

I was born into a family of writers and linguists, and I grew up surrounded by books and manuscripts. Reading and writing was a part of our family life. On weekends, my father would take us to a bookstore so we could browse books, and buy one or two to read during the week. On school nights, I read under the covers with a flashlight, and got lost in the pages of A Little Princess or the Nancy Drew series. A shy child, I would read during recess. Books were my friends....more
@KC_writes :-) / Reading as children does shape us as adults. THANK YOU for commenting.more

Crib Sheet: On Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

You're bicultural, and you want your baby to be proud of her Latino culture as she grows up. How can you do this? If being pregnant fills a woman with doubts and fears of not being a good enough mother, these feelings can be compounded when she is of mixed heritage or wants to raise her child to be proud of her Latino roots. This is an increasingly common issue, and one that is simple, although not always easy to address, even when the baby is in utero. ...more