Jen Evans

Occasionally, I like to ramble.  I ramble like it's my job.  Find out about all the things I ramble about on my personal blog

I love using different mediums to make items and also figuring out how to make creations as inexpensively as possible.  My knack for coming up with new ideas paired with my ability to clearly give tutorials has motivated me to start my own craft blog - The Creative Cubby.


7 Pieces of Relationship Advice

I'm not a relationship expert.  I'm not a psychologist, counselor, or anything of the like.  What I am is a listener.  I've listened to the people I respect and have exemplified successful relationships throughout my life and have taken their advice to heart.  I am exceedingly fortunate to have had a glorious number of gems sent my way and thus I pass them to you.1.  Me, We, Them...more
love your post, rushing  things is never the answer :) agreed.more