Marie Wreath


open letter to squash bugs

Dear Squash Bugs,I hate you.I hate you with the heat of a thousand suns. I wish you would die....more

miracles & mercy

A week ago I was standing alone in the empty dining room of our church, trying not to think too hard about all the life changes going on around us, about all the turmoil that is far from healed in our family and in our church community. I started flipping through a Bible someone had left on one of the round tables there. My thumbs fanned the gold-trimmed tissue pages and stopped for no particular reason at Psalm 136. My eyes caught a few verses and then a few more, and the rhythm mesmerized me....more

August Hive Inspection

Hi! We are raising honeybees at our hobby farm in central Oklahoma and just enjoyed a mid-summer hive inspection. Come see what's going on with the Lazy W Honeymakers!

winners, farm update, & marathon monday starts soon!

Hi friends! Just a few quick updates as this fresh new work week gets going.First, our giveaway. The five winners have been chosen for that fabulous new furniture painting e-book by Refunk My Junk, and I contacted everyone early this morning. If you see your name here, please send me an email address so we can get you a promo code and you can download this gorgeous and fun book pronto.

ripe tomatoes & prayers answered suddenly

I witnessed the fullness of a miracle this morning, and it came right on time for me.I am broken-hearted right now, frustrated, hurt, almost paralyzedby too many life changing worries at once.And I desperately needed to see that God is still in control.He reassured me this morning, and I am so grateful....more

basil regrets

I am filled with regret. Not the amount of regret you might have from getting drunk and waking up with a face tattoo. Not quite that much. But still more than the amount of regret you'd have from eating Doritos at bedtime and forgetting to brush your teeth afterwards. Have you ever woken up in the morning with all-night Dorito breath? Regrettable.Today my regret is somewhere in the middle there, and it has to do with not growing enough basil this year....more

When You Don't Even Recognize a Chicken

Yesterday afternoon the hot sun returned to us. I changed into a swimsuit, took Hemingway's A Movable Feast out to my favorite chaise lounge, and laid on my belly, propped up on my elbows to read. His simple but seductive descriptions of Paris quickly transported me to the New Orleans' French Quarter (my closest approximation). It made me want to walk, write, explore, and express the thrumming affection for the French Quarter that has grown in my heart these past several years. Good reading always makes me want to write....more

fence repair & a naughty bison

We have a young  buffalo and he is so naughty. As his human parents we are just as silly, though. learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared~Marie at the Lazy W ...more

last minute chance for a free e-book

Hello DIY devotees! Today is the last day you can enter to win a free download of a fantastic new e-book, all about tips & tricks for furniture painting. You can see my personal review of this great book on my blog (link below). To enter, just share the heck out of it and let me know you did. The author is giving away five copies, winners announced tonight. learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared~Marie at the Lazy W ...more

Am I the Last Person to Read This?

Hello there! I have just reviewed a book that touched me so deep in my heart, for so many reasons. It's not a new release (is it possible I'm the last person to read it?) but I hope you'll track it down and read it anyway. It is truly nourishing in so many ways.The Secret Life of Bees  by Sue Monk Kidd. A modern classic.Here is my full review, I'd love you to click over and share your thoughts! learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared...more