Getting Through Dinner

This video showed up on my newsfeed this morning.  If you're like me and don't enjoy clicking back and forth on a phone, I'll sum it up for you. The ABC program "What Would You Do" did an episode about a child being taken out to lunch with his family....more

Why I Don't Gamble With Baby Vegas

Over the last few months, I've had to make a ton of decisions on how to raise Baby Vegas.  And believe it or not, just because I've done it once before with Little Man doesn't mean I will make the same choices for my second son. Not only do I not remember everything I did with Little Man, things have already changed since my firstborn was a baby.  Yes, in five years, things have changed. So not only do I have to defend my decisions to my (well-meaning but wrong) older generation of moms/grandmas I have around me, but I have to defend them to myself!...more

The Grand Finale: Baby Vegas' Birth Story

Baby Vegas has arrived!  Right now I'm enjoying a cool glass of water while Vegas is laying across my lap in a milk-induced coma.  He has a poopy diaper, but I am forgoing changing it so I can update you guys.  I am so generous right?  Maybe by the time I'm finished, Hubs will show up and change it for me! ...more

No pinch! No pinch!

The old Honda Element commercial with the "no pinch" crab has been on my mind lately, because Little Man is driving me up a wall with his pinching.    He pinches all the time now, and it's starting to be a major concern for me.  If he's really excited, he'll grab you by the skin under your arm (don't act like you don't have chicken wings) and pinch.  Hard....more

Beyond the Irrational Fears of Pregnancy: What If It Happens Again?

As any pregnant woman will tell you, a lot of the crappy part of pregnancy is the worrying. There are the major worries of course, which I don't even need to mention because honestly, if you haven't thought of them yet I don't want to remind you about them. There are also the "I read too much of the baby book and now anything can happen" worries. You freak out over deli-meat and soft cheeses, and whether all the wine you drank before you found out you were pregnant is going to mean low SAT scores for your baby genius....more
@mama is inspired Thank you for sharing your story... I am so glad you had your happy ending, ...more

This Is Very Suspicious...

I seem to have picked up a cold, in the middle of beautiful May weather.  Where could this cold have come from?  I need to do some detective work...Well, Little Man does seem out of sorts... So maybe I got it from him when he insisted on me giving him bites of my raisin bread for breakfast, despite that he had a fistful of his own bread.Or maybe when he came over to where I was minding my own business reading blogs just to give me a snuggle... and then wiped his runny nose all across my jeans....more

Is it "Selfish" or "Smart"??

I've already confessed that my family is addicted to trashy television.  I am unfortunately the worst offender in our house, and adore watching shows like 'Teen Mom' and 'Real World' after Hubs has gone to bed. ...more

Pregnancy Feels Different This Time

I am now officially telling people I am pregnant, instead of just declining a glass of wine while they smile at me knowingly. This means people like to ask me the hard pregnancy questions like, "Is it a boy or girl?" and "Is it just like last time?"...more
I know what you mean... and I guess that's why 'they' say every pregnancy is different. I have 3 ...more

Changing What A Christmas Present Is For My Special Needs Kid

Christmas presents are hard.  Any present that we get Little Man is really hard.   Every year it gets more difficult to buy him things that he will show any interest in...  Or that is appropriate for him to play with at his developmental age.We have piles and piles of toys laying around the house for him to play with.  There is a toy organizer that has books, blocks, light up toys, pop up toys, ride on toys... every toy you can imagine, we probably have one. ...more

The One To Ann (And Her Friends)

Ann Coulter. I have nothing nice to say about you, so I really try not to say anything at all. It is a value that one of the many people who helped raise me into a responsible adult imparted on me. I am not saying I'm perfect - far from it. But I know the difference between a little bit of snarky gossip and spouting off a mouthful of batshit crazy hate. You, Ms. C, tend to do a little too much of the latter. So today I'm going to tell you how I feel about you - and it isn't going to be nice. Normally when I see you pop up on television I am in the process of changing the channel....more