June's Jewels

Denying Death: A Second Time

 Death is high on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. For many years I feared death.  I have been fortunate to count funeral attendance on one hand.   I just don't do well with them although I have only gone to three in my entire life. Yes…one, two, and three. They say death come in threes. It did in my first blog about death. ...more

Where is the Leak coming from? Fiscal Fidelity Part 2

There is a leak somewhere!  Six months ago, I was compelled to write this. Then, I joined the 52 week money challenge.  ...more
I concur we all have leaks that slowly drain our financial resources. Great article !more

Allow Trayvon To Rest in Peace!

He was a child! He could have been my child or even yours. That is if you look like me!  He was murdered in cold blood by George Zimmerman. He is dead! Yet, a police officer who swore to protect you, me and him chose to use him as a target and shoot him dead continuously....more

Opting for Optimism

I often times describe myself as an unyielding optimist.  For 2013, I am not only choosing to be fiscal responsible, I am revving up my optimist characteristics after years of deployment...more

Being Called the N-Word: Is It the New Normal?

I have been a lot of places-- Germany, Korea, Iraq, Turkey, the Caribbean, and various parts of the United States -- and seen a lot of faces throughout my travels. I may have been thought of as a Nigger, but I was never called one, at least not to my face. Today, I was called one. But I can’t talk about the interesting person who made the comment, without first looking back at the history of the term.Image Credit: neil conway via Flickr ...more
It bothered me tremendously. I respect and admire your courage and positive attitude.more

Veterans…invest your health in the best care

I have told those who are close to me that one of the best decisions I made in my life was to join the military. Since I served in the United States Army and received an honorable discharge; I am eligible to be classified as a Veteran, hence the use of the VHA. This blog is the reason for one of those best decisions. ...more

Fiscal Fidelity

The end of year is near and America is driving closer to the cliff, the fiscal cliff.  While we watch and wait to see if our country falls; I am assessing my relationship with money or let’s call it… my fiscal fidelity.  The further we get to the cliff; the more I am determined to not have a fiscal fall. With our national debt and individual Americans’ economic woe and personal debt, the true scandal is our fiscal infidelity....more
26 Acts of Kindness-16 more to go.more

Tidings of Comfort...to Connecticut

 Tis the Sunday before Christmas, church was joyful this morning as thousands of us sang Joy to the world and And it's Christmas.   My family clapped joyfully. So did the family in the row just in front of us. This family included a boy about the age of eight or nine.  His father, well I am guessing it was dad who hugged while joyfully clapping, hugged his son and said to him in a singing voice, “It’s Christmas!” My mind immediately wandered to the children in Connecticut.  Is it really Christmas in Connecticut?...more

Trusting the Treaty

Almost sixteen weeks since the treaty was put in place, I have yet to pen the treaty a name.  Treaties are agreements, usually between countries.  In 1819, the Adams-Onís Treaty was the purchase of Florida from Spain in 1871; the Treaty of Washington settled grievances between the U.S. and Canada; in 1994 the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and in 2010 New START (The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between U.S....more

Children…Carnage in Connecticut