Lady Lazarus

Thinking about Blogging

Hi everyone! I’m always looking for more ways to make blogging less “talking into the internet” and more “talking with others”.  A more communicative style would be pretty fun, and also build connections with other crafters and creative people.  It’s very easy to operate in the announcement mode, posting about stuff I’ve done, and not doing much else.  That does put content on a blog, but is it meaningful if noone’s reading it?...more

Simple elegant packaging

 Sometimes it costs as much to package things as to make them.  I'm always looking for creative ideas that will help save money.   I have learned recycling is the crafter's friend...Behold, thank-you note envelopes!  Perfect for earrings, smaller bracelets, necklaces, and more.  ...more

We know what the problem is: food deserts and tough conversations

So I found this article, and the title gave me pause:  “Food Deserts aren’t the problem”. deserts are not a problem?  “Getting fresh fruits and vegetables into poor neighborhoods doesn’t make poor people healthier”?  Studies, you say?  Ok, let’s hang on a minute....more

No Girls Allowed: Superheroine movies that are not.

I spent my childhood reading source materials like Greek and Celtic myths, stuff like that....more

Things I've learned at 30

Time for a lighthearted post!  I celebrated my 30th birthday earlier this month, and had some thoughts about it.  These are things I've come to realize at this stage in my life....more

Interruptable Time - some notes

For the eighth time this evening, I’ve had to stop what I was doing and fish legos out of my dog’s mouth.  Before that, I was folding laundry and had to stop every third shirt to play with him....more

This is how it feels

 Hello again!  I thought I'd start the new year off by revisiting an old post I had placed on a more private blog back in October2013 (with minor edits). This post deals with depression and anxiety, and getting fed up with them.  I have no answers for handling these things, and I barely understand their mechanisms.  But I think it is important to talk about them, to be open.  ...more

Still undead: I'm breathing and I'm back

So some of you may have ready my stuff as "venice in winter", and thank you for that!  I'm still alive, and in one piece.  I missed this, and I had to come back!I haven't blogged on BlogHer or under the old name in a very long time, even though I enjoyed it.  Fact is, I was getting pretty busy, and feeling really, really uninspired.  And not just uninspired, but disconnected from many things I loved....more

I'm Working Again, and I'm Terrified

BlogHers, the unthinkable has happened. I have stumbled ass-backwards into a job. A real, honest-to-goodness, 40k-a-year permanent temp job. I even found my first paycheck sitting in the credit union account last week, by accident. I had forgotten I was supposed to get paid for schlepping up the turnpike every weekday....more
Great article - and funny too! I just went freelance myself, no longer working in the regular ...more

Aerogardening and new jewelry!

 This week brings a lot of boring humdrum things, so I'll dazzle you with my latest projects instead:  the Aerogarden and some new shiny pretties!Head on over to my Blogger for a look :) -Liz...more