BFF Weekend (in photos, of course!)

This weekend, I spent loads of awesome-time with my forever & ever best friend, Sarah. 'Nuff said ....more

My Week In Photos


Ridiculously Awesome Vid of the Week: Lucy Rose

And if we turned back time, could we learn to live right? ...more



Ridiculously Awesome Vid of the Week: Walk Off the Earth

The other night my husband brought up some Of Monster's & Men on youtube, and whatever he clicked on ended up being a playlist or something, because a bunch of other vids followed it. Including the band that holds our RAVotW.  The video I saw that they did was a cover of Somebody That I Used To Know, which I super love that song and I'm always amazed at the genuinely creative covers people do of that song. And BOOM! WOTE ...more

Eating Better

And so it has begun. Starting today with honey dew melon. ...more

$hit Just Got REAL

Back at the end of November last year, I blogged about my resolutions. I got really sick and was able to make some decisions about my life style - in particular with my weight. I was excited once I got better, because I had dropped 10 lbs. (Although for the most part it wasn't necessarily a choice, because I was so sick I didn't have an appetite or couldn't eat because I was coughing my brains out.) ...more