Liesl Garner

Maybe I was Never a Heathen After All

"You know how sometimes you have a fight with me in your head, and I don't know anything about it," my husband asked me this morning. "What if that's what you have going with 'The Church' - what if you are mad at them, but they aren't even in it, and they're not mad at you at all?"...more

When School Gets it Right

"I hate School," is not the first thing out of my kids mouths when I pick them up anymore. "Guess what I did in Specials today," is what comes tumbling out in an excited jumble and fight to see who gets to talk first. Specials is the ingenious program started this school year that brings art and creative play and physical education back into our school....more

She Thought Perhaps Azalea

 My troubles are so damn smallin comparison to cities burning;they are not the world's troubleslike the anger, anguishand outrage burstingfrom the inside outof our cities and our towns,our neighborhoods broken,our people destroyed. And as much as I wantto claim them as mineto feel a solidarity,I know I am a pale outsider....more

Mystics Hear Voices

Mystics hear voices. the question "Do you hear voices?" is used to sort the sane from the insane. And yet, as artists, we do hear voices and most insistently when we seek the guidance for our art. We are led. We are prompted. We are urged. We are called.~ Julia Cameron, from The Complete Artist's Way, the 2nd Book, Walking in This World...more

How I Became Content Creator for my Kids on the Information Super Highway

 The thing is, the world of the internet is exciting and terrific and mind-blowing and brilliant. It can also be terrifying. My kids got hand-me-down phones that were so worthless, and non-functional that my husband and I had bought new ones for ourselves. Somehow, as soon as they were in our kids' possession, they worked perfectly, and the kids had ipods....more

Big, Giant Love and the Theatrics and Science to Make it Happen

Yesterday, after completing Tax Season, and being home again, I was able to finally put into place our new Eat Art feature. Ben and I figured it out on one of our recent walks. We decided on the following schedule for feeding ourselves a rich diet of Art.Monday - MuralsTuesday - The UniverseWednesday - Wonders of the WorldThursday - Theater and DanceFriday - Figures / Sculpture...more

Curvy Roads and Short-Cuts

Just the other day the thought hit me that I would rather take a curvy road any day over a straight shot. On a long, straight road, there is no mystery, no surprises. It can become monotonous. A curvy road keeps you on your toes. You have to be alert to the swiftly changing road conditions. There is a spike in adrenaline around every deep curve, because you can't actually see what's on the other side, or what is coming at you....more