James Perse Private Sale for June

There are two schools of thought when it comes to buying clothes. Pay little, and you might get a few wears. Pay more, dollar cost average the clothes (so you don’t feel as bad), and have them for years to come. I love a cheap find, but buying quality has its place, and your wardrobe will most certainly thank you for including the good stuff ....more

Shopping Boden

One of the most fun parts of blogging about what we wear is sharing with readers the clothing companies that they may have never heard of. One such company is Boden, which I only discovered a few years ago when my kids were just babies. Their quality fabrics and construction (washes great), and easily maneuverable website makes shopping a breeze. The U.K. company founded in 1991 by Mr. Johnnie Boden (with a small inheritance left by an uncle) began with ...more

J. Crew Swim for Girls With Pale Skin

J. Crew. My closet is full of the brand’s great staples (toothpick jeans, Jackie cardis, twill shorts, one-piece bathing suits and bikinis), but am I wrong to say that things have been looking the same for the last few seasons? Do we blame this on Jenna Lyon’s departure? Having taken the web shop off of my near daily morning site check, it’s been ages since I’ve bought anything from the brand ....more

The Liver Lovers

Last week at the pool we met a little boy who’d had a liver transplant. My kids didn’t say anything about his upside down U-shaped scar (or bloated belly) until we got back home, and the flood gates of questions poured forth. Why did his belly look like that? How did he get that big scar? Does it hurt him now? Do we have a liver? Why do we need a liver? Do fish have livers? Where’d he get the ...more

Love Life Surf – My First Guest Post

When Christine asked if I’d be willing to guest blog over at her site, Love Life Surf, I was incredibly honored. And incredibly nervous. Christine is my very first, real-life blogging buddy! We met last summer at New York City’s Chelsea Piers where after a long walk (and talk) we noshed on fish tacos. It was the perfect afternoon. A few weeks ago, after a weekend visit to my birth family, a post poured out of me that I sent it ...more

An Apple Wears Culottes

Being apple shaped is a nice way of saying this… Boobs. Hips. High waist. And skinny legs. According to the experts, a girl shaped like a rounded fruit should accentuate the positive by showing off the legs, for example. Another way to mask the circlular shape of an upper body is by wearing empire lines; emphasis on the smallest part of the torso elongates and hides a juicy middle. I hate these rules and fight them all the time, sometimes ...more

A Mom’s Guide to Dealing With Asthma

I’ve been meaning to write a post about how I’ve learned to manage my daughter’s asthma, but as I’m not a doctor I’ve been hesitant. That was until this morning when a friend posted a Facebook status update asking other moms for advice in regard to her sons’ asthma, and his first nebulizer treatment. As someone who’s been dealing with this since April 2008, I thought now was the time to share my experience in the hope of helping her, ...more

Outfit Memory and Good Styling

I have an affliction. I can remember every outfit I ever wore, good or bad, at most events in my life. I also, as it happens, can remember most outfits others have worn, but only if they were extraordinary (extraordinarily good or bad). This affliction comes from my love of clothes. And you would think that one who loves clothes as much as I wouldn’t be plagued by too many bad styling decisions. But clothes loving and good styling are ...more

Yogurt, Movie, Love

Here’s the thing about writing. You have to do it in order to get to the next piece that might or might not be the one that connects you to the world, but will always connect you to yourself. I wished I hadn’t needed to write what I did yesterday, but we don’t choose the journey. The words choose us ....more

The End of Things

This week has been full of endings; the finale of the Big C, the finale of my kids’ pre-school experience, and the official end of my life in the marital home. I finally moved out. Even when you know an end is near, the melancholy that shows its face gives the whole thing an emptiness that waits to be filled. I am currently surrounded by boxes of shoes and clothes that need to be thoughtfully put away. My kids are ...more