Want to Change your Life?.....

If you add the power of life's gifts, life's keys to Abundance you will see remarkable changes unfold in your life. Consider the power of kindness and making someone else happy.  Did you know that the fastest way to be happy is to make others happy.  The fastest way to be successful is to help others be successful.  In truth, whatever you want in life will come to you faster if you help others achieve and receive what they want.  This is a basic truth.  Try it and see what unfolds.  It's really a GREAT way to live. Be to others what you want to ...more

It all started with GRATITUDE.... my life is CHANGING...GRATITUDE is THAT POWERFUL

  Funny thing happened on my way to write a book, I opened myself to really appreciating myself.  Now this may sound like a little thing to many.  But to me, a lady that often dismissed her own achievements, it is HUGE. For years I put myself down - verbally in front of a mirror.  Oh this was not a good idea.  For what you say to yourself has great POWER.  This was basically, do I dare to admit, was self abuse.  Whenever things went wrong, I blamed me.  Didn't matter if it was someone else's responsibility or not.  I took the blam...more

Kindle offers easy way to Self-Publish

              Lately everyone is talking about self-publishing as a viable option to the standard submitting of your book to a publisher and waiting for that a hopeful Yes, we will publish your book....more