Inspiration from Mirrors

Our mirrors lie. They might as well be the crazy wavy mirrors, because what we see is a distorted image. Maybe it's not the mirrors fault, but our perception of that reflection. The mirror is like our spouse; we can take what they say to mean whatever we want. If we want to believe we're ugly, bam! the mirror delivers an image we don't like. The mirror isn't any meaner than our loving spouse. We know that, but it doesn't help because the ugliness feels like truth; we are staring right at an impartial piece of glass....more

Inspiration from Canyons and Chocolate

I'm a mountain person. A ratty pair of jeans, a pine walking stick that gets more whittled and rubbed to perfection each day, a walk at sunset, a green-blue lake...I can't get enough. The mountains of Provence made me think of my summers in Wyoming as an adolescent. The Proven├žal hills are rocky, yet tree-covered, the air has the pine-scented spirit of vacation, the nestled villages have terra cotta roofs.For once, it was exactly, exactly as I imagined. ...more