Attention Deficit, The Internet and Endangered African Elephants and

How I found the sweet calm of concentration while impersonating that vamp, Olive Oyl...more

How To Moon Walk ~ As much like Michael Jackson as is possible for regular people. ~

One of MJ's most exciting creations in dance - the Moonwalk ~that backwards floaty slide that is just riveting to watch him do is alot of fun to try yourself.Disclaimer: You will very probably not look like him in 'Thriller' even when you master this.  Michael was just magic.Start standing feet together without shoes and on carpet to start out.  Now, make a 'high heel' with your Left Foot, ball of foot taking your weight, while sliding Right Foot back....more

Off The Top of My Head

Tuesday, December 11, 2012We say to look good is to feel good.  Or is it, to to feel good is to look good?  My tendency is to believe the latter, but either way, when the looking is good, your hair is good-looking.  No way around it.  Whether it's because hair is top of the heap that is you, and frames your face and your eyes, the windows to your soul; cliches abound. When our hair looks good, so do we....more


Having just read CHILDLESS AND LOVING IT (not the real name, but, I hope, the intent) I too, am also without kiddies and without husbands or divorces.And I'm 57 years old, pretty much loving it (wrinkles I could do without as with arthritis) and I feel fairly accomplished about never married, and no children.   Yes, I've been pregnant.  So, I've just made some, if not enemies than emphatic disagree'ers..Now maybe that po' me stuff- the AADs and nearsightedness - makes it okay to just tell the good stuff I got in the birth package without undo modesty....more

Why I Got Into Stand Up Comedy


I just spent more than an hour replying to a Man Baby reply to Trish (I don't dare look up her last name now). Then, it not only dissapeared but for the last line from here, but from my Wordpad copy on my desktop. It's so late it's very early (sun is in the shower now, be out soon) which may have something to do with it? Or is there a time limit on composing a reply? Not a bad idea really. But it is wonderful to have this place to write. And I promise and threaten that I will. ...more
@Not such a good BIO post, and I see (maybe?  very nearsighted) that editing in NOT part of the ...more