Preparing Teens to Take the Driver's Wheel

In August my son will be 16 and the proud new owner of a driver’s permit. Turning my son loose onto the busy streets is a harrowing thought. Do I trust him? Yes. Do I see him clearly as a teenage boy who will revel in this new found freedom and stretch the rules more than he should? Yes. Do we speak to him ad nauseum about driver safety and the responsibility of driving? Yes. Is it enough? Never....more

Our driving instructor signed off on our stuff without any of us finishing our hours. During our ...more

The Dyslexic Frustration Game

As parents we’re pretty vigilant that our kids do their homework, give more than their best to their school work, keep their grades up and reach for more than just getting by. We’re probably more attentive to our son’s educational career than our daughters right now for many reasons, all of which are wrapped up tight with the Dyslexia bow tie....more

Just today I attended yet another meeting at my son's school to discuss issues related to his ...more

Book Suggestions for the Young Adult & Middle Grade set

Bookish Things for Christmas Gifting We’re big readers in our house, doesn’t matter if the book is paper or an audio MP3 file. Our house has variations of books in every room. Yes, including the bathroom, because sometimes that’s the only place Mom gets five minutes to herself. If the dog would stop shoving the door open EVERY. SINGLE....more

bloom of christmas

The Christmas Cactus was a plant I knew very little about until I looked it up a few years ago and now I know just enough about it that it’s best served staying exactly where it is, which is in the main hallway of my In-Law’s house, being properly tended by my Mother-in-Law, who manages to keep houseplants alive....more

I've heard red wine is good for the heart

Pork Roll & Cheese on a roll with pepper. Just typing those words makes my mouth water.There’s this great little mini market/deli in town that I pass on the way to work that makes the best Pork Roll & Cheese sandwich. The Pork Roll is sliced thick, four pieces, and the cheese is all melted between the slices, holding the whole thing together. It is a million calorie breakfast....more

Why My Vote is for Barack Obama

Since I’ve been of age to vote, I’ve neglected to exercise that right as an American. My reasons ranged from apathy toward the political process as a whole to cynicism of the politicians swimming in those particular murky depths. The agenda’s have been set and my one lone voice had little impact, I believed, and left the rest of the population to analyze and speculate. ...more

My Brain on Menopause

Two very valuable lessons were reinforced for me yesterday. The first was that if I have an idea to write about, I must jot it down immediately, preventing anything from getting in the way of that one task, lest lesson two promptly take affect. This is a lesson I should damn well be following like boy dogs follow girl dogs as the second has been bitch slapping me for several years now. ...more

Hi from dhoward5298, I just read about Catutes brain on menopause and that it was funny!  I ...more

Saying Hello, New to Blogher

Hello! I am new to Blogher and have recently started my own blog. This is very addicting and my family misses me. Just wanted to say Hi! Tracey, aka Catootes     ...more