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Day Six

Day Six of Hospice care for my husband at our home.   The title of this post was supposed to be Day One of Hospice.  One of the palliative team who visited my spouse in the hospital, among other things, had asked me if I had a blog.  I told her I did and that I enjoyed blogging but had not been able to in quite awhile because life had been keeping us pretty busy.  She recommended that I start posting again.  Well, I thought, I would like to write out some of this stuff that is in my head, write it for me and not wonder if someone will read it.  ...more

"Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie Recipe"

Clarissa Dickson Wright commented, on an episode of "The Two Fat Ladies" TV show, that "Great bakers are born, the rest of us just have to muddle through."  I think I got that right without going back through the DVD to check the quote.   I quite agree with that statement.   A good friend and retired colleague of the Spouse brought us some quite divine sticky buns on Christmas Eve.  She had made them from scratch and during conversation that day, allowed that her Mother and her Grandmother had been great bakers of bread.  The...more

Happy New Year (I hope!!)

The first day of the new year.  A blank canvas looked upon with hope and faith that it will be a better year than 2013 was for my family.  I actually felt different this morning when I came downstairs after sleeping in like a lazy old bear.  The sense  of a new era was in the Manorand the absolute feeling that last year was firmly in the past. I have always heard that you should do on New ...more

Hard Candy Christmas

Listening to the Christmas music on the local radio stations this year has allowed me once again to hear Dolly Parton's song "Hard Candy Christmas".  And yes, I first heard this song from a movie she did with Burt Reynolds.  But after the second or third time hearing it on the radio,  I found myself humming and singing the song to myself while doing things around the house.   The memory pot had to be stirred awhile to conjure up m...more

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

  Sunday, December 1, 2013.  Now we enter the true holiday season, at least as far as I am concerned.   Autumn is wonderful time of year and should be enjoyed without being rushed to shop and decorate, in a fit of frenzy generated by the media and corporate America....more

To The Manor Retired

    Ah, the humble canning funnel.  One of my best friends in the kitchen.   I should say that I have only canned food once or twice in my life and that is when I acquired this wonderful kitchen tool.  Over the years, I have used this little friend for everything, it seems, but canning. Making up a batch of trail mix and need to transfer it ...more

To The Manor Retired

Not even the dignity of a "no".   So, and so.  Well, this is the last posting of this chapter of my life.  Tomorrow will begin a totally new one.  Time to move ahead. sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"...more

To The Manor Retired

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"...more

To The Manor Retired (It's In Gods Hands Now)

Yesesterday was as hard as I expected.  Taking my leave of people, most of whom I had known and worked with for five or more years.  Taking out the last evidence of my existence at the former job, my mini fridge.  I have a good home  for it, my son is taking it for his room at the house he lives at. An eleventh hour call from my bossman had thown all my coping mechanisms into array, offering an attempt at a last minute solution in ...more