New Year's Truthlutions

Wow, how fast 2012 has came and went.  It was a year of ups and downs for everyone, but I don't believe that any year is without that common thread.  Such is life.  However, I am sure that many of us pulled out the lined paper and our favorite pen, well, maybe a tablet is a more realistic note taker these days, and jotted down a few things we intend to change for the this year.  We hear about it year after year and are bombarded with ads and commercials that feed into the sensationalism of New Year's resolutions.&nb...more

Stay at Home Mom But Our Finances Need HELP!!

The current state of our economy has forced many stay at home moms to reconsider their post. Many have made changes that have included cutting back on luxuries such as shopping, eating out, and extracurricular activities. There have been millions of coupons clipped to save here and cut back there, but sometimes all of that is still not enough. There are also a number of moms who have made the sacrifice of having a steady career to raise a family. But what happens your spouse's income simply doesn't exceed the amount of debt, bills, and expenses? ...more

Man Sues his Wife and wins because Their Baby was Ugly

I just finished reading an article where a Chinese man recently sued his wife and won because their baby was born ugly.  He didn't understand how two attractive people could have produced such an ugly baby that he was "horrified" to look at.  I honestly started writing right away because I couldn't believe that this was even an issue.  I think about how many of my friends that have struggled to conceive and really wouldn't care whether or not their baby was attractive or not, they would just want a baby. ...more

5 Year Anniversary of Redskins Sean Taylor's Death

 I have been watching the ongoing coverage of Sean Taylor's death today.  I can't believe it has been 5 years!!  I think about it every year and I honestly remember it like it was yesterday.  He was my husbands teammate, but more importantly, his friend.  I still think about his daughter, who was almost 2 at the time, and his fiance.  I pray that time has relieved some of the hurt and sadness that day brought....more

Discipline Dilemmas

After reading articles over the last few weeks about how parents have abandoned traditional ways of discipline, it has caused us to look at the direct correlation and obvious impact this departure has had on our society.  Our jail houses are busting at the seams and kids are more selfish, disrespectful, materialistic, and bratty.  Hopefully none of your kids were described in the last sentence, but we have to do some serious re-evaluating if we believe that our job as parents doesn’t include discipline....more

Selfless Giving

This time of year is a busy time for many families.  School has started, and the holidays are back to back it seems.  In my family we have a birthday every few weeks from September through December.  It is amazing how much money can be spent without even noticing when you have so much going on.  I started thinking about this post when my daughter approached me with a long list of what she would like for not only her birthday, but for Christmas too.  I mean, can we do one list at a time?  The items she asked for were not cheap and ranged from gift cards to...more