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Tutorial: Christmas Tree Tissue Tassel Garland

I love tissue tassel garlands, but I’d never made one before. It is really so much easier and faster than I thought it would be! But I also thought it would be fun to dress up the garlands a bit ....more

Freebie Friday: 35 Free Thanksgiving Printables

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? I’m not. We’re headed to my MIL’s and a fabulous restaurant ....more

Guest Party: Cops and Robbers Boys’ Birthday Party

Most of my parties feature at least one sweet treat from Sparkling Sweets Boutique. Autumn creates stunning cake pops and lots of other party goodies. (Check out my two most recent Halloween parties here and here that feature her cake pops.) So as her boys were getting ready to turn 6 and 8, she planned a joint party with two desserts tables! ...more

Freebie Friday: 12 Free Printable “We’re Out of Candy” Signs for Halloween

The hubs says I have not purchased enough candy. $35 and 350 pieces of candy later, I guess I’m headed back to WalMart. Otherwise, we’ll need one of these “we’re out of candy” signs for Halloween ....more

How to Host a Witch’s Tea Party {Put a Halloween Spin on the Classic Tea Party}

Did you have a favorite Halloween costume as a child? Mine was a witch costume, sewn by my mom. One of my twin girls feels the same way, and has dressed up as a witch for Halloween three times ....more

Tutorial: How to Tie the Perfect Bow

One of the big jumping off points for my Witch’s Tea Party was this black and white striped ribbon. I just loved how clean and crisp the pattern is, and wanted to be sure to incorporate lots of bows made from the ribbon. But there is a trick to getting your bows just right ....more

Recipe: Witch’s Stockings Oreo & Cream Dessert

Of the desserts at our Witch’s Tea Party, I think the girls were most excited about the Witch’s Stockings. I make variations on this dessert all the time because it’s so quick and easy and goooood. (It honestly deserves the extra o’s.) If you’ve ever made Martha Stewart’s Icebox Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, you know my inspiration ....more

Tutorial: How to Make a Floral Teapot Centerpiece

When I styled my Vintage Tea Party, one of my absolute favorite elements was the floral teapot centerpiece. I decided to recreate the look for my Witch’s Tea Party (featured on Love the Day!) — but to figure out the DIY version. Enter: the styrofoam ball and a whole bunch of black silk roses ....more

My Parties: “All I Got Was a Rock” Charlie Brown Halloween Party

I think it’s fair to say that my love of Charlie Brown has continued unabated since childhood. I got to thinking about poor Charlie Brown on Halloween, his pitiful ghost costume with way too many holes, and how “All I got was a rock.” Without a doubt, the round-headed kid needed a party! I’ve been on a black and white kick, so taking my inspiration from Charlie Brown’s ghost costume made perfect sense ....more

How Do You Plan a Party When You’re Crazy Busy?

My family and I are entering what is my insanely busy season at work. I have to say: I truly, deeply dread this season every year. I know that one day, not too far in the future, I’ll be in tears, convinced that I won’t be able to pull it all off ....more