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My Parties: Pre-Trick or Treating Zombie Princess Party

If your kids love to trick or treat with their besties, try inviting the gang over for a pre-trick or treating Zombie Princess Party! I’ll show you how. (You could even invite the boys, ’cause you know they will like zombies!) My twin girls are 9 now and somewhere between a cute Halloween and a spooky Halloween ....more

Freebie Friday: 20 Free Halloween Printables

It’s Freebie Friday and I’ve found 20 more free Halloween printables that I can’t wait to share with you. I am loving these — especially the banners. I think if I had to choose one type of printable to use for a party, it would definitely be a banner ....more

Listen in on Party Planning Interview {And Get a Free Gift!}

Yesterday, I mentioned an interview I was preparing for this summer. Today, you get to listen in! The interview was part of Monique Brown’s Total Woman Summit, and of course it’s free to you ....more

Protected: So You Want to Hire a Party Planner {Here’s What They Secretly Want You to Know}

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: ...more

Tutorial: 3-D Black Rat Halloween Art

I honestly never thought I’d be inspired by black rats, but I suppose stranger things have happened at the dollar store. As I was checking out with a basket of 18 toy rats, the cashier looked up at me and said, “Lord, honey, what’re you gonna do with all those rats?” She looked very skeptical when I responded they were for a party. I couldn’t have been any more specific, because all I knew at the time was that some of them would become bunting and the others would be “art.” Here’s how to make 3-D black rat art for your Halloween party! ...more

Freebie Friday: 25 Free Halloween Printables

I am loving the new free Halloween printables coming out this year! So clean and modern. Makes me want to have another Halloween party! ...more

Follow Me for a 3-D Art Lesson {With Rats!}

Today, I’m over at Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams with the tutorial for my 3-D black rat Halloween art. I’m thrilled to participate in Keisha’s annual 13 Days of Handmade Halloween! (It started Monday, October 6, so don’t miss out on any of the great posts from your favorite party bloggers!) Missed the rest of my party? ...more

Tutorial: Orange and Black Halloween Fabric Bunting {Just 4 Steps!}

So if you saw my Black and White (and Rats!) Halloween Party on Monday, I teased that I also styled this party with an alternate bunting. I loved the black rats hanging by their tails in the original bunting — it appeals to my slightly twisted sense of humor, and I think every party should have a little humor in it. But I also really wanted to add a bit more orange to the party, and my fabric stash let me do just that ....more

My Parties: Black and White Halloween Party {With Rats!}

This mommy got five hours to herself on a Saturday. FIVE whole hours, folks!! Jealous? ...more

Blogging {Or Not} With Sick Kids

[Saturday morning] It’s prime blog prep time for the working mom. Time to pack up the kiddos and run to Hobby Lobby or the antique store or the grocery store to purchase whatever supplies I need for the blogging week. Time to create the recipe or craft and photograph it before I lose the light, and then edit photos and write up the post after the girls are in bed ....more