Pull your damn pants up STUPID!!! (writing prompt)

  Todays writing prompt is: a trend/fad you like/dislike.Considering the fact that I work at an urban high school, this was a NO BRAINER!!So here is what I came up with from the prompt…This current FADit makes me GAGOh how I wish your pants didn’t SAGIts been around TOO LONGDude you’re GROWN...more

I urge you...

I urge you…I urge youI urge you to acceptI urge you to accept that you are youthat you are imperfectthat you are flawedthat you will make mistakesthat you will be better than all that has made you feel less than I urge you to rememberI urge you to remember who loved youwho left youwho needed youwho helped you...more
This is... lovely. Thank you for sharing it here.more

Indifference is Where I Live...

Indifference is Where I Live (poem) I don’t give a fuckI’m sorry I do notvulnerability is a liabilityof which I want no partemotions are mutedfeelings are stuntedno longer give a damnthat mood has been bluntedcut shortpower outagemy heart has blown a fusethe night scape is darkno longer available for abusethe tears have been checkedno more left to be shed...more

I Bleed For Them (poem)

Bleeding due to a wound afflicted upon another can be debilitatingbut that is what empathy is and I have it abundantly....more

I tell my story because I have to…Writing to heal my wounds

All sorrow can be borne if we put them in a story or tell a story about them.       Isak Dinesen author of Out of Africa...more

The Truth Is…Sometimes I Wish I Never Had Kids

On this blog I admit things, I admit things most people would not admit outside their own thoughts and sometimes not even then.I planned on writing this post before finding out about the chaos in Connecticut. Now my attitude has changed, but this post title remains valid....more

Scorpio Seeking Solitude

                 I never realized how much I enjoyed my own company until I was no longer able to enjoy my own company.  I think I am finally coming to the root of my depression....more

A book is where I hide from my demons. Where do you go?

Where do you go when you want to escape from the universe?   When you want to separate your identity from the masses?No husband. Wife. Kids. Pets. Friends. Just you? Where do you go??...more

Wine Should BE Calorie Free!!!

Just being a little silly...Wine should be calorie freethen I would be a smaller mebut unfortunately that is not the casewhich explains my expanding waist.This is something I think we'd all agreethat wine should be calorie free! Face gets puffy, rings don't fitbecause of what I medicate withIt's made of grapes, shouldn't be a problemAll my issues? Wine helps solve them.But bloated and bubbly is what I tend to bethat's why wine should be calorie free......more

Dodging Demons

Please get a glimpse of one of my new poems...I run awayhiding in bookschasing sentences that do not resemble mein an effort not to seethe chaos that is my lifeI look into the darknessfor a place to lay my headwhere I don’t have to face realityI disappear insteaddodging demons lurking behind unseen cornersdon’t want to deal with reality any longer...