Playing With Time - How to Deal

This morning my son Jett (he’s 6-and-three-quarters – his words) asked me if time could speed up. More specifically, he asked if I had to the power to speed up time. I groaned, not just because I was trying to get his foot in his boot (why do feet never go into boots in the morning before school?!), but because the question gave me actual pain in my chest. “Nope, I can’t speed up time. And I don’t want to. It goes too fast as it is.” I told him. “I just want school to be over so I can come home and finish building my Lego project!” he whined....more

Can you quit social media?

Here are my thoughts on how social media exists in my world. I just can't quit it.I wonder, can you? ...more

Do you write letters to the editors of Parenting Magazines?

I just received the new issue of Today's Parent in the mail. I scanned the cover, read a few of the article themes, opened the mag up and flipped through it. I didn't have time for anything more. When I closed it, I looked more closely at the cover image of a really freakin' cute baby girl. But, she didn't look right. I realized the reason was because she didn't have any pores in her skin. Her skin was literally as smooth and flawless as porcelain. I have a hard time believing that the child's face is really like that. ...more

So you're a mom? Great! Then BE a mom!

You know how sometimes everywhere you look there are pregnant bellies bulging out at you? When it seems like all the lovely ladies in your life are glowing, growing and busting out? I'm having this experience in my world right now. Many of the ladies I know and love  are preggers. I don't even say hi to them - I go straight for baby. My hand reaches for their bellies, I rub and talk to the child within.That's what happens. ...more

Free Gifts My Body Gave Me in 2012

I've been in 'reflection' mode since the beginning of December. Ahhhh...another end of a year. Another 365 days have pushed passed me, grabbed me and dragged me along for a ride I could have never imagined. Again. Such is life, right? Well, the answer to that question I'll answer in another blog. (Please don't expect it any time soon, it's a biggie.) I was thinking about my body and how it has changed since January 2012. I realized that without my asking, my body gave me many free gifts this year. Imagine that. Free gifts my body gave me in 2012:...more

Must-Read books for Writers! And Free Book Giveaway!

Thinking of what to get that writer friend of yours? Maybe you're the writer? Click here for a list of must-read books for writers...and have a chance to win Natalie Goldberg's 'The Essential Writer's Notebook'! ...more

The Pain Runs Deeply in All of Us

I was driving to pick up my two children from elementary school when I heard about the massacre in Newtown from the radio announcer on NPR. My hand instinctively went to my mouth to cover it. My stomach tightened. A lump of fear hardened in my throat. ...more