Sharpen Your Wits: Warby Parker Fall 2013 Collection Launch

I'm Honored by Warby Parker to introduce to you the new fall 2013 collection ...more

How to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans!

I received a blog comment from a blogger, Josie, over at the fineandfeathered blog, about my earlier blog post "Hey Now, Hey Now, My Boyfriend's Back!" and how to style boyfriend fit jeans. ...more
Good tips!more

Becoming Wadoo

Just when you think your day couldn't get worse as your typing a psychology paper for class, It actually gets BETTER! Your sister-in-law texts you a picture of her ultrasound! 10 weeks. It's the cutest peanut I have ever seen. Keep reading to learn how this relates to being a "Wadoo" ...more

Whimsical Spring Accessories

Emily Haworth-owner and designer of ByBeep ...more

My favorite Accessory: HairDo Reveiw

In almost all my photos of me online and especially my blog I have long hair, whether it's curly or straight. Although in reality, my poor husband sees me with short hair and no make-up on when I go to bed. I'm like Cinderella, by day I have princess hair and then POOF at the strike of midnight my hair is out and the makeup is off. ...more