Classic Work Wear


Beauties in my Bag

I never EVER leave home without these items in my bag. I know what you are thinking.. how do you carry hair spray in your purse?! But.. I do.. I buy a mini can to stick in my bag wherever I go....more

Neon + Leather


Stripes + Fur


Friday Favorites

I've been doing a little online browsing lately (no, not shopping, trying my best to keep the wallet closed) and am currently in love with these five products. Just a few more things to add to the wish list.. sigh.....more

Easy Oven Cleaning

What ranks high on my 'I can't stand to do' list? OVEN CLEANING! Yuck.. gross.. eek.. no! I hate the smell of oven cleaner. I hate the gunky food caked everywhere. I hate getting it in my fingernails. I hate everything about cleaning the oven except the way it looks afterwards. So an angel must have been watching over me when I attended my first Norwex party. Side Note: If you haven't tried Norwex Cleaning Supplies-they are amazing! Deserves a blog post all on it's own....more

Wedding Wear

Is it bad when the first thing I think after I receive a wedding ivitation is, "Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?" I can't help it.. I know I should think "Oh yay, I'm so happy for the sweet couple!" but for some reason my closet bursts into my head. I have million dresses, however I always think I need a new one.. ugghh is anyone else like that? Please say yes. AND I then I have no idea what color is appropriate to wear..? No whites or creams.. red? is blue okay? black? Isn't that 'funeral' wear? UGH!...more

How do you work it?

When my workday is finally done at 5:00 the last thing I am thinking is 'Yeah! I have so much energy! Time to work out!' It's more like 'Oh my gosh.. I am so tired. All I want to do go home and cuddle with Lucy.'BUT I try my best to get motivated to do some sort of exercise activity at least 4 times a week. I teach dance two nights a week so that takes care of two out of the four. LOVE teaching my sweet girls-so rewarding....more

Pretty Pieces

  I'm always looking for girly pieces to add to my wardrobe. I'm currently craving these pretty pieces - all under $100.00. Gotta love that!...more

Onna Ehrlich Derin Handbag Weekly Deal

FREAKING OUT over this deal I received in my inbox this morning! Totally worth posting so all my lovelies can see. I recently discovered Onna Ehrlich while watching the Today Show a few weeks before Christmas. These handbags were being featured on Jill's Steals & Deals segment (looovve that segment). When I was watching, they were featuring the Maya bag for $100.00 with the Steals & Deals coupon rate. The bag was originally $650.00. Yes, yes, you heard me right.....more