Blissed Out Belle

When Admiration Becomes An Obsession: The Celebrity Gossip Craze

On hand by public demand; diced up and served to you from various media outlets is your favorite celebrity gossip. Everywhere you go there it is, whether in your hair salon, doctor’s office, or grocery store, there is no shortage of celebrity gossip magazines. The business of celebrity coverage is major money, and it has been said that nearly 7 million celebrity gossip magazines are sold per week. Nevertheless, why has the world become so obsessed with the personal lives of celebs?...more

Attack Of The Dream Killers

“Aha….I got it!” Another brilliant idea had suddenly popped in my head, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends and family. Seeking the support and approval of the people closest to me, I disclosed my latest plans, but to my surprise my idea didn’t receive rave reviews. So, what’s the big deal? Sounds like they came down with the case of the ‘Dream Killers‘!...more

Submission, On These Conditions...

                                             The big controversial S word, No not sex; ‘Submission’! I know this term make some women squirm, but we have to put things into perspective here. Submission serves a purpose in the male and female dynamic, and I have often heard that there’s power in submission. A man definitely wants feel like a man, and wants to be king of his castle, which is understandable. I can definitely fall back and let a man be a man, but is he even worth it? ...more