I either want to be a waitress or a veterinarian...

...I said when I was seven. I pretend to be a fairly laid back person but inside I'm a ball of anxiety. It's been that way forever. Some things get me worked up, or used to, because my dad died when I was four but mostly, it's just because of me. Like whenever I really liked one of my mom's friends I would always ask how old they were. If they were in their 20s or 30s I would relax. It meant they wouldn't die soon. I'm completely serious. I never told anyone that this was why I asked but for a long time I had a morbid fear that everyone was just going to die....more

Your Mom is Gay!

I remember getting lost in the mall. I wasn't tiny, but I was little enough to panic when I looked around and my mom and sister were gone. I walked around the store three times just to be certain, and trying my best not to cry, I walked up to a policeman standing nearby. I was terrified. Cops freak me out. (Which is especially interesting because I'm married to one. Last time I saw him in uniform and armed, I forgot how to speak English.)"Excuse me," I said, voice wobbling. "Can I help you?" he asked. ...more
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